ZSNES Settings

First of all, if you want to really get smooth 60/60 frames, start ZSNES with the -6 switch. This will force your monitor's refresh to 60Hz whenever ZSNES is started. After this, enable VSync and/or Triple Buffering.

If you want the settings that are closest to a real SNES, you need:

256x224 resolution
no image filters (i know it looks blocky this way, but then again, SNES wasn't meant to be used with PC monitors).
32000Hz Stereo sound + Gaussian interpolation

As for 'absolute best settings', it's a bit of a trial and error thing. The best thing for you would be to run a game that's very taxing even on the actual hardware and then finding the settings that give you smooth 60/60 in any situation. (Star Ocean, Yoshi's Island, Tales of Phantasia and Seiken Densetsu 3 spring to mind).

41000Hz sound is good enough. Anything higher is overkill in my book and doesn't really make the sound any better, since it only upsamples effects that were recorded at 32kHz to begin with.

Video: With your video card, most likely 800x600 or 1024x768.
As for filters, I use Super 2XSaI. I would use HQxx filters, but I can't get smooth frames although my system is fast enough to handles it. 800x600 can do HQ2x and 1024x768 HQ3x. However, these filters are very taxing, so you might want to stick with 2XSaI.

The rest of the options are more or less window-dressing, so those are up to you.


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