Why Ginchiyo doesn't evolve ?

I've finished the main story and i'm playing the Ginchiyo episode but I fail to evolve her and i dont understand why.

On Serebii, itis said she evolve with a 60% link luxio/luxray, right now i have 3 luxio and 1 luxray all of them link at 80%, has she other special requierement ? or i've done something wrong ?

Oh crap. I forgot to list the other requirement. It's in a tabbed bit of my database. I believe you also need Muneshige in the nation at the same time
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I've switch to Hideyoshi story and he evolve with his two goon without any problem , in there i have Ginchiyo and Muneshige in the same nation all the time and both of them are 60%+ , still they doen't evolve.
They need another requirement ?

Same with me, with both of them at 100% link with their respective Pokemon.

Maybe they will only evolve in their own special episode.

People can tell me when those two has evolved in their game, maybe it is in a specific scenario only, i dont understand why only them doesnt evolve, i've no problem with other boushou so far.

I have confirmed that Muneshige does indeed evolve by NOT having Ginchiyo in the same nation, in addition to having high link with Staravia.

However, the same is not true for Ginchiyo. I have tried just about every combination to have her evolve, all with her at over 90% link.

- In the same nation as Ginchiyo
- In a different nation as Ginchiyo
- Having Luxio as the partner
- Having Luxray as the partner
- Fighting against wild Pokemon
- Fighting against bushou
- Taking part in conquering a nation

Right now, the only conceivable method I have not tried is completing the catalog of every Electric type Pokemon, just like with Nene.

Has anyone managed to evolve Ginchiyo? If so, please let me know how.

How do you get the Warlords Muneshige and Ginchiyo to evolve ...
20 Jan 2013 ... This is Ginchiyo I have her too and she wont evolve either. ... to make pokemon
evolve in Pokemon Conquest · Can you evolve a Warlord more ...

I managed to evolve her and starly guy at level 70, serebii mentions that you can't have them in the same nation, but even when I put them in separate nations with other bushou they didn't evolve, so I threw them in empty nations separate all by themselves and they evolved just fine. Just make them mine or eat ponigiri in the empty nations to up their links/tension a little, might work.

Pokémon Conquest - Bulbapedia - Bulbagarden
Pokémon Conquest (Japanese: ポケモン+ノブナガの野望 Pokémon +
Nobunaga's .... Aside from growing more powerful, Pokémon may evolve when
their link ... From there, the player is able to conquer Violight, led by Ginchiyo;
Chrysalia, led .... The reviewers praised how it was easy for children to
understand along with its ...

You need to recruit both Ginchiyo and Muneshige, but keep them far apart (they can't be in the same nation or adjacent nations).

Ginchiyo (Rank II) - Pokemon Conquest :: Warrior List
Specialty: Electric. Skill: Bustle: Increases Range of Warrior's Pokemon and
adjacent allies. Evolution: Evolves when link with Luxio or Luxray is 60% or

Okay, that worked.

So apparently not only can they not be in the same nation, they cannot even be in the same general area. I put the two on opposite sides of the continent and they evolved fine.

Thanks for the help, guys.


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