Who Invented The Trumpet?

Who Invented The Trumpet?

In every band today, you will find a trumpet. They originated from many ancestors in history. The oldest known trumpet, that has no keys, is called the Alphorn. This trumpet was created originally from a single trunk of one tree. It was widely known for the big body style and the loud sound it generated. This trumpet is still in use today throughout area that is full of mountains. They are still used as a prop for herding cattle. Communities would also, use the sound to call meetings or church services to order. It was also used and had a very important meaning in all of the wars to date.

Portrait of Charles ClaggetA portrait of Charles Clagget with one of his invention, which he claims to be “a better tuning fork”.

Back in the 17th century

During the 17th century, the trumpet was redesigned to be more realistic for its uses. The horn became smaller and actually could project a sound that would travel farther. This was known as the rotary horn, or trumpet. In the year of 1788, Charles Clagget invented valves and introduced them onto the trumpet. This allowed the user to generate more tones from the musical instrument. A few years later in 1801, in Vienna, Windinger placed a total of five rotary keys onto the trumpet. Fredrick Bluemel was also partnered and was responsible for this improvement. This was why we have the instruments that we have today.

Who Invented The Trumpet?
In every band today, you will find a trumpet. They originated from many ancestors
in history. The oldest known trumpet, that has no keys, is called the Alphorn.

More progress were made

As the instrument continued to progress, shepherds crooks were designed into the instrument thus allowing a more even and mellow tune to be created. Several years later, a tuning or slide device was placed on the trumpet. These were more inventions that occurred around the 17th century. Bands and Orchestras even then could begin playing for the important politicians of their day.

The history goes far back in time

The Trumpet's Long and Rich History - Music Education - About.com
A timeline of the trumpet's history. ... At first the low register of the trumpet was
used then later on musicians began to utilize the higher pitches of the harmonic ...

Many scientists believe that trumpets were in use as early as 2000 BC. It is also thought to have been used early in China. Fossilized bone horns were discovered. Some cave walls had pictures of an instrument that we now call a trumpet, these date as far back as Mesopotamia in 2700 BC. Many Kings and Queens were announced following a trumpet sound. The trumpet became a vital instrument for both noble and important people in history. Its loud sound was thought to make all people below them to stand in order and heed their speeches.

King Tutankhamun

King Tut was a man who had literally thousands of trumpets play for him during his reign. This instrument is clearly recognized as a nobleman in the instrument world. For many years, only those of a noble descent were allowed to learn how to play the instrument. They were the only ones allowed to play this instrument in public. Our society today, allows anyone interested in learning to use the trumpet, the chance to do so. A few of the greatest players in history are Maurice Andre, Maynard Ferguson and Wynton Marsalis. Marsalis won over eight Grammies for his talented instrumental pieces.

The music of Jazz

The jazz scene today would not be what it is today if these inventors had not created and fine-tuned the trumpet. It is a staple in the musical world today.

Musical instruments that uses air: The flute invention.

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About the Trumpet - Music Education - About.com
Trumpet. Family: Brasswind. How to Play: The musician, or trumpeter, vibrates his
lips over ... First known Trumpet: ... In the 16th to 18th century other forms of
trumpets were created such as the natural (valveless) trumpet and the valve


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