The Easiest Method to Dry Nail Polish Fast


PAM Nails It – The Easiest Method to Dry Nail Polish Fast

February 27, 2013 by Mariam Jehangir


We’ve all experienced that annoying wait that follows a manicure. It’s great to have beautifully polished nails, but once you apply that nail lacquer, you’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. You have to sit and wait and check a hundred times to see if your nail polish is dry before you can do anything that requires the use of your hands, lest you smudge or ding your freshly applied color.

The next time you paint your nails, try this simple trick we recently learned of to virtually eliminate the long wait time. Grab that can of PAM from your kitchen cabinet and spray it over your nails.

Yes PAM – the cooking spray you depend on to keep your omelet from sticking to the frying pan.  The product can also be used to dry nail polish fast. We mean super fast. Just spray it on, wait about 20 seconds and then rinse it off. You can even use soap to remove the oily residue, or just rub the remaining spray into your skin for moisturized hands.

Mythbusting Speedy Nail Polish Drying Methods | Fun Things To Do ...
18 Feb 2013 ... But a promise of even FASTER dry nails was tempting. ... So, I put my regular top
coat on, not knowing whether the Pam replaces that step.

Voilà! Perfectly dry nail polish.

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