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Last updated at 23:22, 17 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 22:33, 10 Feb 2012

SM Essential Kills V2.0
Created By the Strategy Master
The Divine power to kill essential characters

The world of tamriel is populated by essential npcs who are guarded by the divines and cannot die, but at times the resourcefulness of these npcs runs out and you wish to

take them out.

This mod allows you to go against the very will of the gods that protect these npcs and allows you to change prophecy.

When you have downed an essential npc you must strike them 3 more times (You cannot use spells). If you take them out in 10 seconds they will die.

On doing so a crack of thunder will cry out as prophecy is severed.

It will be up to you to live with the consequences of your actions.

Alternativly you can use a new lesser power than will be granted to you called mortality. This spell strips npcs of there essential and/or invulnerable status for 60 seconds

and is a backup in case you are unable to kill them by striking them.

- Remember killing essential npcs will obviously break the quests they are related to as they are not supposed to die. If you dont want the quests to break make sure you kill

the npcs only once your certain you have completed the quests they relate to. Of course there is nothing holding you back if you wish to kill everyone off in bloodshed.
- Essential and invulnerable npcs are affected by this mod. Children are not affected. Ghost npcs are not affected.
- For technical reasons killing certain npcs will cause them to be consumed into oblivion. If that happens a satchel containing there belongings will be left on the ground.

Version History
- Fix to ensure downed npc's stay on the floor for at least 5 seconds. Sometimes they were down for less than a second which is not fair.
- Fix so enchanted weaponry doesn't cause more than 3 hits in a single swing.
- Added failsafe to 10 second timeout to ensure hit count is reset to 0.
- Spells no longer count as 3 strikes (to prevent you killing them accidentily via area effect spells)

- Now applies to all essential NPC's (including dawnguard and any other mods)
- Now more compatible with all mods that modify npcs
- Can now kill the quest essential npc's in normal combat that before only the mortality spell could kill
- Killing quest essential npc's that results in them phasing out of existence now leave there loot in a satchel on the floor.
- Fixed issue where mortality spell would not persist when you knock the quest essential npc's to the ground.

- Fix to hopefully prevent killed essential corpses starting to wander around as if they are still alive.

- Fixed mortality spell to work on a special case where npc's are set essential via the quest alias system.
For these cases the npc's will dissapear completly so you will be unable to loot them.
- Further improvement to the 1 hp fix.

- Added a new spell called "Mortality" that can alternativly be used to strip an npc of both essential and invulnerable status. This is a backup option that will always work

on any npc.
- Fixed an occasional bug where npcs would stand up healed rather than be on 1 health after third hit as designed.
- Essential characters that are also invulnerable can now be killed.

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