Sherwin Williams Duration Home Matte

This styrene acrylic may cost you some Benjamin’s

Well, it’s about time we got around to talk more about Duration Home Matte. It’s no secret the reviews found on can be brutally honest at times and for good reason. People come here for real advice on a product and want to learn about ‘experiences’ using particular paints or products. Readers also want to know if spending money on a product is worth it, and what to expect.

In the paint world, I get the impression from paint contractors that the Consumer Reports on paints are without credit, and I hope never to be like that.

Let me start by saying we’ve spread hundreds of gallons of Sherwin Williams Duration Home Matte. At the end of this post we include a link on how to get the best experience using Duration Home. You can achieve great results with this product. There are no noticeable changes since its release four years ago except for adding the very much needed Deep Base line back in 2008 and switching to the black plastic paint cans made of recycled plastic containers-complete with soy ink printed labels. (which, by the way, the Sherwin Williams Tint Labels do not stick on the lids)

The original issues inherent with Duration Home surprisingly still exist today. They are:

1) Small clumps in the paint requiring you to pick them out after you start rolling walls. It is best to strain the paint first. This mystery stuff has been in Duration Home since the first day it hit the stores.

2) Coverage. Coverage. Coverage. Many colors do cover in one coat meaning you can cover up the previous color pretty good but your sheen and new color will not be true and solid. I painted around the areas shown in the photo below and let the paint dry before I took the photo below. The old color is covered up but every single brush stroke is visible with sheen differences. A good painter will be able to one coat many colors like the blue shown, but it requires an unconventional method of painting. The timing between cutting and rolling needs to be dead-on and tight. It’s quicker to paint everything twice, besides the durability with Duration Home comes with two properly applied coats.

There are many paints on the market that will cover a color like you see in the photo in one coat and look awesome. For example, look at the photo 5 down from this one.

3) The Deeper base colors require a tinted primer and can require 3 top coats or more to achieve a true color match. Also the DEEP BASE is a thinner product vs. the EXTRA WHITE BASE. Photo below shows two coats. This can become very expensive both with materials and labor. Here is one common scenario… one bedroom requires one gallon of the tinted primer ($35), one gallon for each coat thereafter assuming the room takes one gallon to paint once. $48 per gallon times 3 coats = $179 plus tax or two Benjamin’s. Similar alternative products can be accomplished without a tinted primer in 2 coats for $70 plus tax. If you are hiring a painter to do your painting expect to pay for 4 coats and that can get very expensive to paint a single bedroom. Assuming you can find a guy to paint one bedroom for $100 each coat, this bedroom will cost you $579 ( six Benjamin’s), but it’s not likely you will find a reputable painter to paint a room for one Benjamin. That reminds me… you should read this.

4) Duration Home Matte has a slight sheen similar to some eggshell paints, but it’s near impossible to make an entire wall look uniform like you can with other eggshell paints. Let’s assume you use a short nap white woven roller cover as recommended, and you roll a wall 8-feet long entirely wet with every precaution to lightly finesse each final pass downward without flipping the roller frame once. You will see every single pass you made in the dry sheen.

Photo below shows a flipped roll left of center.

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Sheen uniformity is such a common issue with Duration Home that you can literally walk in a house someone else painted and guess what the wall was painted with based on this unique problem Duration Home has with sheen uniformity. Duration Home is the only paint known to me that does that. This morning at Sherwin Williams while waiting on my paint, I asked the guy behind the counter what the upper portion of the wall behind him was painted with (knowing it couldn’t be anything else)… he replied “Duration Home”. It has very tell tale signs.

Here is a video rolling Duration Home Matte

About Paint Spatter: Duration Home Matte will produce paint spatter 18-24-inches from the cover, and at times I felt some on my face rolling slow with either a white woven cover or micro-fiber covers.

Recommended Application: Plan on applying at minimum 2 coats of Duration Home. Two coats is best for durability, color and sheen. Use a 3/8” white woven type cover or micro fiber roller cover. It helps to apply the first coat in a uniform way and roll tight to everything. For example, feel free to cut the entire room, let it dry, then roll it. The first and second coat should be rolled in the same way. Load a portion of the wall with paint and go back by making each careful pass from the ceiling to the floor using even pressure working along the wall. Do not flip your roller frame over at any time during the final pass, this will reverse the roller nap texture and will be seen in the finish.

The photo below (click it to see close up) shows a first coat of Duration Home applied as heavy as I felt comfortable applying it. This is obviously more than 4 mils, and it did level out and dry down tight and smooth. If you plan on one coating Duration Home, this is how you do it. Keep the cut and the roll wet and heavy using the rolling method outlined above. Apply 2 coats for best results.

Brushing Duration Home: Sherwin Williams recommends a nylon/polyester brush but that is as vague as saying take a car to work. Use a soft or medium firmness brush for applying Duration Home. A firm paint brush will result in poor coverage even with a light touch.

When you roll a wall with Duration Home consistently like the photo below, the dry finish will not look as nice. That is 1 coat of cheap $11 eggshell paint on the wall in the photo below taken about 1 hour after it was rolled over Gardz sealer, and it dries down exactly like you see it with a low sheen. Applying Duration Home over itself will not produce a wall like you see in the photo.

NOTES: Wait 14 days before washing Duration Home, its cure time is 28 days. The paint is somewhat on the thin side so be cautious not to apply it too heavy, or it will run and sag. 4 mils wet is pushing it. A quality low nap micro-fiber cover will allow you to apply Duration Home with the thickest most consistent film.

Coverage: 350 – 400 sq ft/gal
@ 4 mils wet; 1.6 mils dry
Drying Time, @ 77°F, 50% RH:
temperature and humidity dependent
Touch: 1 hour Recoat: 4 hours
Finish: 2 – 7 units @ 85°
Volume Solids: 42 ± 2%
Spray—Airless 2000 psi
Tip …………………………….. .015″-.019″
For touching-up, reduce the product by
one pint (16 oz) per gallon.

PROS: Durable, easy to brush and roll, excellent leveling, many colors cover nicely in 2 coats, easy clean up, dries in about an hour, deep bases available. Low-VOC environmentally responsible formula. It contains anti-microbial properties to resist mildew. Stain resisting properties.

CONS: 1-4 listed above, can be a very costly solution. Leaves condensation stains in high humidity areas like steamy bathrooms. Coverage unpredictable but Sherwin Williams can provide you with estimated coats required.

Conclusion: If you need to scrub any specific area more than the rumored 3000+ times you might want to consider Duration Home. If you only need to scrub the hell out of a specific area about 600-1000 times then you have an unbelievable amount of other options.

We apply hundreds of gallons of product across various jobs, surfaces, etc. before we review it – not just a couple of gallons in a lab.


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<Colors used for this review>

Olympic Sweet Dreams A52-3, Salem Blue A53-4, Fun-And-Games A53-5, Sherwin Williams Heartthrob Red SW6866 and seven others, 11 total. Three of the colors required 3 coats and one required 4 coats. All colors were applied over Sherwin Williams Pulte Premium flat paint mixed in the color Natural Choice. SW6866 was applied over the specified gray primer. We used the following roller covers. Wooster pro doo z 3/8”, Wooster Microfiber 5/16”, plus one mystery cover what will be reviewed here soon.

See also: White Woven Roller Covers | Secrets Revealed!

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