Set yourself up for success!

Previously, I gave you five little gems to help you in your never-ending quest for the perfect body. I started to put together the next group of tips and when I came to number six I realized that it was going to be it’s own creature. So here we go, the sixth gem all for you…

6. Set Smaller (more realistic) Goals: As a trainer I see it all the time. People see an ad with a picture of their body idol and BOOM…they’re on a mission. Not only are they going to achieve that body but they are now going to do it in a quarter of the time it took that model! How you ask? Hit the gym seven days a week as hard as possible and live on nothing but one almond a day of course!! Totally makes sense because the model that took years to build that body was an idiot and didn’t know the secret to getting those results in a quarter of the time (silly model). In three weeks time (if they make it that long) when they look in the mirror and it’s not quite the vision they expected can they really be surprised? I mean really??? Not to mention they’re feeling a little burnt out at this point  from the lack of recovery, sleep, and food.

So then all of this work for what? Why even bother lifting? Here’s the reality check (I know…sucks). If you or anyone for that matter, think you’re going to achieve amazing results in such a short period of time then you are simply an ass. Harsh? Nope, reality, and I’m not sorry. It is going to take months and years of consistency and dedication to achieve that body. Don’t have what it takes? Can’t wait that long? Try this…

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STOP setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals. Set smaller (more short term and manageable) goals for yourself. Goals that, when accomplished, you can pat yourself on the back for every week or every month. Even everyday if you need to! Seriously, it’s your life and you can set things up exactly how you want. These smaller goals, in the grand scheme of things, add up to your ultimate prize. Give yourself a chance people and don’t set yourself up for failure!

A misconception that people have is that small goals are a waste of time. If your goals are too small everyone will laugh at you right? False AND screw what others think (in this case)!! Be you and do what works for you. No goal is too small and who says you even have to tell anyone about your goals? Let others worry about their own goals. I don’t care if your goal is to get one more rep or one more set in just one of your workouts this week. Get it done and then be happy knowing that you did what you said you would. As you achieve these smaller goals your confidence will grow. You’ll naturally want to step it up allowing you to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

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Get it done…

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