Sbarro's mall pizza

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I think Sbarro's use a very typical NY style sauce.  Let me know if you want suggestions on how to do it with commercial (somewhat better quality) ingredients, but I am going to assume you are looking to buy your tomatoes at your local grocery store.  You want something without chunks to start with.  I really like the "Hunts Tomato Sauce" for an easy store bought NY style.  You could also use their tomato puree for more texture, but you will need to add salt. Be careful not to add salt if you use the Hunts Tomato Sauce, as this product is already salted to the max.  Open your can of sauce the night before and add a small amount of :

garlic powder (I prefer fresh, but you know Sbarros is not doing this)
onion powder (not much)
a decent amount of oregano (be careful though)
some black pepper
some sugar (this will not be needed with stanislaus tomatoes)
a small amount of basil (again, I prefer fresh, but you won't get exactly Sbarro's). 
olive oil

In general less is more on the spices.  Let this sit overnight.  Do not cook it.  You might find you prefer adding a little paste to thicken the sauce and intensify the flavor.   You can do this after you make your first pie and realize you need it, so keep it on hand just in case.   First try it straight, and I think you will be close.  I know this might sound too simple, but try it and get back to me with your comments if I am off the mark.

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