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One of my favorite local foods is chapatti, which is kind of like a cross between Indian naan and a tortilla. Recently, I've discovered the delicious Ugandan snack called rolex. It's simple but so good! It's also one of the Ugandan foods that would be very easy to make back in the States, and this "recipe" is too good not to share!

First, put on an apron because you always cook better in an apron.

To make chapatti, all you need is flour; warm, well-salted salt water; grated carrot; and grated ginger. (You can also add some chives if you have them on hand.) One handful of flour is approximately equal to one chapatti. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl, add water a little at a time as needed, and knead until the dough is formed and smooth. The dough should be only slightly sticky. Feel free to add more water or flour as necessary to acheive the right consistency.

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Separate the dough into equal parts, and roll into balls (approximately the same number of balls as the number of handfuls of flour). On a floured surface, roll out each ball to desired thickness, keeping in mind that they will become somewhat thicker while cooking.

Heat enough oil in a skillet to just cover the bottom. Fry one chapatti at a time in the hot oil, about 30 seconds on each side. Hopefully yours will be more round than mine!

At this point your chapatti is ready to eat! To make a rolex, though, all you need to do is fry an egg and roll it inside a chapatti. Tomato slices are a wonderful addition and are commonly found inside a proper rolex.

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