7 Products You Need That Will Make Your Period Better

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by Jessica Booth

Between the cramps, the headaches, the possible leakage and the terrible mood swings, getting your period is never very fun. But just because your period comes along with some pretty awful side effects doesn’t mean you can’t at least try to make it better, you know? Thankfully, there are a bunch of products out there (besides Tylenol or Aleve) that can make your period much easier to deal with – and maybe even a little less painful.

I’ve already done the research for you guys so that you don’t have to. Whatever kind of PMS symptoms you experience, there should be something on this list that can make them more tolerable. There’s no reason you should be miserable for a week just because you’re bleeding down there! Check out these 7 products you need to make your period better.

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Waterproof Underwear

This crazy underwear is actually what inspired this post. Made by Simple Necessit-es, these undies include a built-in waterproof pad that helps prevent against leakage of any kind... and if you've ever experienced a period horror story, you know what I mean. Do these sound a little gross and slightly extravagant? Yes. But if they can prevent us all from embarrassing ourselves with blood on our pants, they can't be that bad, right?

You can buy these here.

Always Incredibly Thin Thong Liners

As a girl who didn't start wearing tampons until her senior year of high school, I can tell you that pads can be very limiting. Most of them are bulky and diaper-like and if you're wearing one, you basically have to wear a pair of regular, bikini-style panties (ick. Did I really just type that word?). But actually, you don't. If your period isn't that heavy and you're wearing something that requires a thong, go for these Always Thong Liners. Perfect solution!

You can buy these here.

Hotteeze Heating Pads

PMS usually comes along with cramps and we all know how awful those can be. When Tylenol just isn't cutting it, try using a heating pad. It soothes the pain and just makes you feel cozy - I use them practically every month. If you don't have the luxury of laying on your bed with a big heating pad, buy a disposable, stick-on heating pad that you can wear under your clothes without anyone even noticing. They stay hot for a long time and will make you feel a little better. I've never tried this particular brand, but I'm about to.

You can buy these here.

A Period Tracker App

This won't exactly make your PMS symptoms better on it's own, but an app that helps you track your period can help in different ways. If you're not on the birth control pill, it can be hard to remember which day your period is supposed to come, leaving you wondering if it's late or early... which is just confusing. An app like this one, appropriately titled Period Tracker, helps you figure out your menstrual cycle. This allows you to prepare in advance - make sure you're stocked with tampons and/or pads and eat the right foods.

You can download this here.

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such as irritability, depression, and stress, may also make the ...

Le Parcel Monthly Subscription Box

To be honest, I'm kind of dying to try this out. Le Parcel is one of a few different monthly subscription boxes for your period. When you sign up, you tell the company when you get your period - each month, you'll receive the box before you get your period. It will include tampons or pads of your choosing, a little chocolate and a free gift. It might be a little pricey (although I think usually it ends up being cheaper than if you bought everything separately), but it's also very useful.

You can order this here

Peppermint Tea

For me personally, getting my period means being all sorts of bloated... and I hate it. For those who feel my pain, try drinking peppermint tea. Peppermint is a natural way to fight bloating. It's also soothing to an upset stomach, which is another side effect of PMS sometimes. My personal favorite is Trader Joe's brand, but you can buy whatever kind you want - just make sure it's peppermint. So soothing!

Always Feminine Wipes

These feminine wipes are supposed to make you feel more clean and refreshed down there - and I think we all know that when we have our period, sometimes things feel sort of messy. I wouldn't go overboard with these - they almost remind me of douching, which is never recommended - but if you feel like you smell or something, maybe use one.

You can buy these here

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Every month women suffer the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS - from irritability
to ... There are better Food Cures to help get your PMS symptoms under control.

Do you use any of these products already? Do you want to try any of them out? How do you make your period easier? Tell me in the comments.

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