Prettiest Nails I've Ever Had!

I really wanted to post this later, as there were already posts scheduled but for the past 2 days I'm staring at my nails going "so pretty!" each time. I figured I have to share the prettiness, because maybe then, my obsession with them might tone down.

Here they are, the mani I do not wish to ever take off:

I don't know why I haven't done these before, as it's a pretty basic thing as far as glitter goes: Fine glitter, chunky glitter on top of that and all on a nude polish base.
Sounds brainless, my brain just seemed to need a while to get to this conclusion too.

I usually just use one kind of glitter, either on the tips or at the base of the nail. Also because I had forgotten I have chunky gold glitter. I need to start taking lecithin because my memory is clearly keeping me from having pretty nails.

Was thinking about using other colors too, as I still have silver and blue chunky and fine glitters, I just have a feeling they might not look as delicate as these ones.

Here's a Tip: When making them, make sure you use a polish that fits your skin color. Go peachy if you have darker skin and keep it light nude if your skin color is fair.
It will make a clear difference and will look much more "custom made".

A funny thing is that I've never been a big fan of gold, but as you can see, I'm even wearing a gold ring now.
I find this manicure to make anything look pretty. Even my early morning outfit becomes Pijama Chic. Should think about copyrighting that but it's for another time.

Now tell me,are they not super girly? I personally am very very in like with them!

Swaging: I want to make my own Copper-jacketed FMJ bullets
Adam, I'm not talking about buying bullets, you're missing the point. I'm talking about sending a drawing and/or having a real tool and die shop design the dies for you, rather than making them in house.
how to make music for (almost) free (u should prob buy a mic/ interface and u might appreciate some instruments) and i guess you’ll need a computer… so that might be expensive.  BUT if ur reading this you probably have one :) so yeah, ppl always ask me to make a tumblr tutorial on how to make music, so here it is first off, the best program (in my opinion) is ableton live.
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