Polymer Clay Cake


  1. Translucent clay. I use Sculpey III Translucent No. 010
  2. Pale yellow clay. I use Sculpey III Sunshine No. 1274 *
  3. Clay in many colors for fondant, icing, decorations, etc.
  4. Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS).
  5. Sculpey Clay Softener (not pictured). If you're going to pipe the clay, softener makes it easier.
* Note: Sunshine was recently discontinued, but there's a color in Premo that's also called Sunshine and it looks pretty much the same. I haven't tried it yet.

  1. A rolling pin or pasta machine.
  2. A round cutter. Mine's diameter is 4 cm.
  3. Blades. For cakes I like to use a tissue blade, razor blade and straight utility knife blade.
  4. Toothpicks and needles. Look for pointy ones! Pointy needles and toothpicks achieve a better texture.
  5. (Not pictured) Icing nozzles. I buy icing nozzles from my cooking store because they're cheap and easy to use, some people prefer to use a clay extruder... but in my opinion, what better way to make realistic pipping than with a real icing nozzle?


Marmite Croissants
34 RESPONSES TO Marmite Croissants This is very clever indeed. As you say, marmite has an umami taste which just enhances the flavour of a dish if used in the right proportions. Now I am off to read your method fo rcroissant making, something I have always wanted to make!
Song-of-the-Week #2: “Sara”: Preview & Discussion
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