Plastic Tubing

This website describes in-stock plastic tubing, flexible tubing, hoses, pneumatic tubing, and accessories which can be ordered direct and ships the next day. We also do what we call "variations." Most plastic tubing variations involve taking our in-stock plastic tubing and  personalizing it to our customer’s specifications. This includes coiling,  bonding, cutting, special packaging, or  printing.

Because we are a plastic & flexible tubing  manufacturer, there are even more variations possible. Specifically, if there  is a custom size, shape or color that you need, we’ll make it.

Contact us for  all your flexible plastic and pneumatic tubing needs.

Special plastic tubes made to customer specification, coloured ...
BWF Profiles produces special plastic tubes: coloured plastic tubes, coextrusion
tubes, tube made in two colours, tube in different materials.



Pneumatic Tubing Specialists

Freelin-Wade specializes in the extrusion of small diameter (less than 1” OD) flexible plastic tubing, often use for pneumatics. The four most common plastic resins we extrude are Polyurethane, Nylon, PVC (Vinyl) and Polyethylene. We also extrude tubing from resins such as Kynar, FEP, Polypropylene, Static Dissipative Polyurethane and many other specialized compounds.

Freelin-Wade’s most popular pneumatic tubing is made from polyurethane, known for its precise and consistent dimensional qualities.  This pneumatic tubing is extremely flexible, kink resistant, chemical resistant and abrasion resistant with excellent memory for coiled tubing applications.  Our polyurethane tubing comes in four hardnesses making it suitable for pneumatic applications using push to connect fittings or barbs. 

Types of Flexible Plastic Tubing

Although we consider all of our plastic tubes to be flexible (more flexible than pipe), flexibility can be subjective. Polyurethane and PVC are the most flexible plastic tubing we produce. Polyurethane is also very abuse resistant and can withstand higher pressures when compared to PVC. We offer 4 different durometers (hardness) of Polyurethane exhibiting different characteristics. Polyurethane also has excellent memory and is a great choice for coiled or self storing hose assemblies. For our PVC tubing, Freelin-Wade has chosen to use non-Phthalate PVC resins. There are new concerns about the safety of Phthalates as plasticizers.

Manufacture of Plastics
Today, most plastics are produced from petrochemicals which are widely ... in
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Nylon, Polyethylene, FEP, Kynar and Polypropylene are harder plastics. Tubing made from these materials will be less flexible, but still may be a better solution to piping. With the exception of Polyethylene, all of the above have good memory and can be made into self storing hoses.

Nylon tubing is recognized as an industry standard for pneumatic tubing applications which require higher pressure and good heat / chemical resistance. FEP and Kynar are typically used in high purity applications or where excellent chemical resistance is needed. FEP also has excellent heat resistance – up to 400F. Polypropylene and Polyethylene are economical choices and are often used in liquid transfer because of their FDA compliance.

Many customers have their own proven / certified plastic resins and are looking for a new supplier partner. Freelin-Wade may offer a better solution – just give us a call or contact us with your material requirements.

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