Pinky Polka Dot

Doesn't this outfit scream 1960s or am I mixed up in my fashion eras. When I bought this skirt at the thrift store back in the Fall, I had a lot of plans for it. However, it got lost in translation somewhere in a pile of jackets that were suppose to be brought to the dry cleaners. Although this skirt never made it there, I gambled and machine washed it. FYI: it's 100% silk, YIKES! I know, I was playing with fire, but I just could not procrastinate it any longer...

Finally, this Peter Pan collar top pushed me to the desirable point to wash the skirt in the machine and hang dry. Surprisingly, the skirt survived with no signs of damage:: phew::

Honestly, if it was something made in 2013, the skirt would have been damaged, because of the poor quality fabrics that are circulating in today's fashion sphere. It's sad, but true!


Merona Peter Pan Top: $20

Pink Skirt: $8 via Goodwill (cute target lace one!)

Coach Belt: old (similar)

Rockport Pumps: Old via Marshall's (similar)

Mai-Heart Bracelet: $27 via Mai-Etsy Store

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! As I did, enjoying my first Golden State Warriors Playoff Game! Our seats were fantastic... the entire time my nose was bleeding. =]

Disclaimer: I wanted to title the post-- Pinky Polka Peter Pan [PPPP] bahaha

Thanks for stopping by!!

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