Nolvadex and depression

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Regular docs have no place prescribing anti-depressents. See the specialist, a Psychiatrist. You wouldnt go to a GP to do your bypass surgery. Unlike counselors, etc. A Psychiatrist has gotten through Medical School, then additional training. They are far more qualified to determine what is the best anti-deppresent for you.

As for the girlfriend, it doesn't matter how mad she got, if she is a hitter and shows no remorse, she has a problem. When you are well again, you should see this. If she hits you when losing her temper, imagine what she will do to your kids. Dump her.

I guess when I say counselor, I do mean psychiatrist. I called to set up an appointment with one today but I couldn't get in until mid February. I'll do some more calling around cuz I'd like to get started right away. The doctor's office that I went to today has seen a family member of mine and really helped them out ... that's why I decided to go. It wasn't covered by my insurance so the visit alone cost me $230!!! They told me it would be around $100 which is BS, but I guess if I can be myself again, I'll do whatever it takes.

On the subject of the girl, she didn't start hitting me until we moved in together and I didn't push her until we moved in together. I don't think it's the fact that we were living together, I think it's that we lived with a third roommate. Three is company and somebody always gets in the middle. This girl and I basically lived together at her old apartment and didn't have any problems like this. I think she was kinda in my shoes then ... she never went out, was always sad, could never stay up late with me, and had a few people close to her die. She felt like she was gonna have a nervous breakdown, but you know what, AT LEAST I WAS THERE FOR HER! That's the only thing that's gonna kill me ... I know I scared her but with all I've done through, I think I deserved the right to be heard and supported through this. But you're right, maybe she does have a problem. There were many times when we would have a confrontation but I would talk calmly and quietly while all she wanted to do was yell. I was always the one coming to her after an argument ... I always had to kiss up to her. I hope she wouldn't hit our kids. She loves kids and so do I. She always tells me I'd be a good dad. She sees how much little kids like me and how much I like them. I say "our" kids because that's how serious I was about this girl ... I did want to marry her and have kids in a few years. As for dumping her, unfortunately she dumped me after I pushed her. I don't turn my back on her because I care, but for some reason, hers is always getting turned on me. Last edited by want2bulk; 01-07-2004 at 07:28 PM.

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