Sometimes you need to see something twice before you really see it. This happened to me when I was in my favourite concept store Friday Next, in Amsterdam the other day.

At first I saw a nice little cupboard by Breg Hansen, it had nice wooden planks with a rather specific type of wood print. Then my eye was caught by a newspaper lying close to it, I opened it and then I realised that the wooden planks were in fact made from newspapers. Being a designer and the son of a newspaper journalist I was instantly intrigued with the material.

This is the story in short: In a design project at the Design Academy Mieke Meijer created a way to turn unsold or misprinted newspapers into a renewed material: NewspaperWood. It is an upcycling process of paper back into wood. Basically, newspapers are glued together with a sustainable glue (free of plasticizers and solvents) and become paper logs. The logs can than be processed like normal wood. So you can saw it into planks, or mill it or do with it whatever you normally like doing with wood.

Pulp (paper) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The timber resources used to make wood pulp are ... wood chips or other plant
fibre source into a thick fibre ...

In a close cooperation with designlabel Vij5, the material was improved and beautiful peaces of furniture were created over the last couple of years. Nice example: Tessa Kuyvenhoven’s wood turned stool with pine wood core.

How do trees get made into paper? - Fun Trivia
zbeckabee, Essentially, paper is manufactured using the following main
operations: Fibres in aqueous suspension: Fibres from wood or plants ...

And here is the great part: if there would be an end-of-life situation (God forbid) to the furniture, all the NewspaperWood can be recycled into new paper. As is visualized in this picture.

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{ Little Accidents in the Kitchen }
Yea, I sort of came across the name and perhaps I was expecting something along the lines of tinkerbell crossed with a piece of bread. Perhaps that might result in a bread that flys and drops glitter all over the place?
American Rye Ale or Lager with or without Yeast
This beer can be made using either ale or lager yeast. It should be brewed with at least 20 percent rye malt, and hop rates may be low to medium. A fruity-estery aroma and flavor are typical but at low levels; however, phenolic, clove-like characteristics should not be perceived.
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