Newspaper Generator

Newspaper Generator
Make your own newspaper article!

Create your own funny newspaper article using our online newspaper generator!

You can edit the text and photo, and download the article in high quality pdf format so that it prints beautifully.

newspaper generator

Frame it in a certificate frame and it makes a unique and memorable gift:

newspaper generator

I made one for a dual 70th birthday party for two of my friends it was a HIT! They loved it. It was the talk of the party... it got loads of compliments and everyone was passing it around looking at it and asking how I did it. Jo Anne, Michigan

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Where's my newspaper? The newspaper pdf is automatically downloaded to your downloads folder.

Chrome users: Chrome will pop up a warning at the bottom of your browser window saying "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep newspaper.pdf anyway?". Click on the "Keep" button to download your newspaper. The newspaper pdf is completely safe and will not harm your computer.

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How it works

  1. Purchase access to the special online generator (you will be sent a link to a secret page with the generator, valid for 12 months and up to 500 uses)

  2. Personalize the articles with your own text and photos

  3. Print from your home printer

...then watch your friend's face when you give them to him or her :-)


No watermark

The watermark is removed on the full version of the generator.

Fully personalizable text & photos

The newspaper name, date, author, photos and article text are all personalisable. You can start with one of our example article texts and customize it, or write your own article from scratch.

Multiple articles

In addition to the first article with the big photo, you can optionally create a follow-on second article with a smaller photo.

Prints beautifully

Download your newspaper article in high quality PDF format, so it'll look even better printed out than it does on your screen.

Unlimited printouts

You can print as many copies of your article as you like

Discounts available for school teachers - contact us


Imagine the smile you'll put on someone's face for any of these occasions...

smiling couple looking at generated newspaper

newspaper generator 50th birthday example Example 50th Birthday Newspaper

40th / 50th / 60th Birthday - Jane Doe Officially "Old" Now

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5 Sep 2008 ... Bullet points, or numbered points like “10 Ways to Get More Subscribers”, can
make writing an article a lot simpler in terms of organization ...

Baby Birthday - Jane Doe Voted World's Cutest Toddler

Make Money Writing Articles: Top 25 Sites That Pay Upfront - Minterest
8 Apr 2014 ... Learn how to make money writing articles online! Here's a list of websites that
pay upfront for your articles & offers ad revenue sharing.

Child Birthday - John Doe Officially World's most Mischievous Child

Anniversary - John Doe Officially World's Best Husband

Christmas - Santa Blacklists Naughty Jane Doe

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