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What BLASTmedia's Clients Have in Common with the Royal Baby
Like Bill and Cathy Cambridge (that’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to those of you who aren’t on a first name basis with the royal couple) and their bundle of joy-to-be, at BLASTmedia, we consider our clients’ products to be the most important things on the planet.
The WinePod: 21st Century home winemaking
Everyone knows someone (or knows of someone) who makes their own wine, right.  And when we came across a US company that’s offering wine making equipment that can be used at home alongside a computer program to create, it kind of got us thinking whether they might want to consider an ‘add-on’ to the system that would be able to make brandy… So what is it?
Tips for choosing your professional email address
AndrĂŠa Coutu wrote recently about 7 terrible secrets revealed by your email address (and how to fix them) . Her advice is good, and I recommend reviewing each of her points before you decide on your "official" email address.