MG ZS The not so much progress thread.

MG ZS The not so much progress thread.

Thought i'd add a post here, pretty boring stuff most have you would have seen before. No new pics because i've lost all love and interest for it and have no motivation for updates.

As its a ZR forum i'll start off with a picture of my old ZR:

Few pictures of the ZS long before I owned it:

Few pics of it now (well not now as its a filthy dog wagon at the moment, but it would look like this if clean):

Few little bits added to the engine bay last year:

Then I swapped the lotus cap for one of rakester custom jobbies:

The wheels were the first thing I had done:

Made some custom abc lights, similar to the ZR ones but the unit was faulty so never fitted them. Will make another pair one day. Picture of them today a bit scratched up from being kicked around the shed:

Also have a civic ek9 strut brace I will try to get to fit at some point, would have been so easy if I didn't have air con:

Picked up some more ZS 11 Spokes which were in quite bad condition to use as winter wheels, slapped on some plasti dip to make them look less pikey:

The door handle after my mate went beast mode, think he was to excited after the hatton fight:

Pretty much the life of the car since I had, minus repairs and small things such as HID's and Sub etc

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