Mexico Street Food: Tlacoyos

I first read about Tlacoyos, a very popular street food snack in D.F. a few years ago from The Mija Chronciles. After learning about them, I couldn’t wait to try them! Fast forward about 3 years, I finally had my first Tlacoyo. Tlacoyos are blue corn masa that has been formed into an oval shape that is elongated and flattened. They are then usually filled with a choice of haba beans {fava beans}, refried beans, and cheese. The Tlacoyos are then placed on a comal and cooked. I always get mine filled with fava beans.

After your Tlacoyo has been cooked, you can choose from a wide variety of toppings. My favorite toppings are nopales and salsa verde, which sometimes is a little too spicy for me! So, now I make sure to bring a bottle of water with me now just in case. If you are Vegan and don’t eat cheese, make sure to say no queso when you are asked which toppings you would like. One time I ended up probably with at least a 1/2 cup of cheese on my Tlacoyo!

The outside of the Tlacoyo gets crispy, while the inside filling becomes creamy. It’s a perfect combination.

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Tlacoyos are a great street food option in Mexico. They are relatively healthy and good for you. I love experiencing street food and sometimes being a vegan makes it a little difficult experiencing traditional street food. I’m happy that I am able to enjoy Tlacoyos as a street food option here in Mexico City.

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In my experience, you can usually find Tlacoyo venders near mercados, Tianguis, and sometimes near metro stops.

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Do you have a favorite Vegan street food snack? I’d love to hear about it!

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