Making an MFC application international

I've got several large MFC applications here, and converting them into any other format is out of the question. We're expanding into other markets, and would like to make the apps work in other languages and cultures.

So far, I've found occasional references as to what to do with Visual C++ version 6, with one mention that later versions of MFC have additional relevant features. Searching MSDN gives me instructions on how to convert the apps to Unicode, which we already did. I found nothing on MSDN on how to make languages multilingual once they're in Unicode, only a few older things using Google, and one book about internationalization using VC++6. (We're using Visual Studio 2008 now, on XP and Vista.)

I make no claims for the strength of my Google-fu, and would be happy to be directed to things I've missed.

Is it reasonable to use the methods of VC++6, or should I use later features?

If I should use features later than that, where can I find some reference to them?

Is there something I should worry about other than setting the locale, converting all strings to resources, and duplicating resources in different languages?

I can find more things about .NET internationalization, but I'm inexperienced in .NET. What will I find there that's applicable to VC++ and MFC?

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Edit: I just ran into difficulties trying to put Unicode strings into the String Table resource. (As far as I can tell, Unicode strings need to be entered into the .rc file with a text editor, in L"0x0034" form. I haven't found a resource editor way to do that.) Any tips on that? Any other resource I can use in VS2008 using VC++ and MFC?

Edit: Somebody on a Microsoft forum suggested that I open the offending .rc file in Notepad, and save it in Unicode. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to fix the dialogs, although the stringtable seems to be working in Japanese.

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