Magnabiner - Build your own Carabiner

Hey everyone. Today we undertake a new adventure in the previously unfamiliar realm of metal.  This month of January I was taught how to use a wide range of metal tools and realized the endless realm of possibilities that can be created using metal and metal tooling techniques.  Here is my first, completely metal, project.

I present to you the Magnabiner, a carabiner unlike any you have ever seen before.  The Magnabiner uses magnets to attract the gate (part that opens on a caribiner) to the frame.  In addition to using magnets, the frame can rotate 360 degrees.  No longer are you limited to a single line of freedomas found in traditional devices; now you can open it in whatever direction is easiest.  Also, to ensure the gate does not become unlocked by accident, the gate features a slide on it that springs up, prevented any unwanted movement yet it i still able to be opened using one hand.  On opposite, top side, there is a wire gate to attach your caribiner to belt loop or any other loop available without having to utilize the main gate.  Finally, the skeleton frame allows for a lightweight, sleek design to complete this revolutionary new device.

The best part is, you can build this for yourself and impress all who see it.  I hope to show you in this project how to take an idea drawn on a piece of paper in a finished, useable product that you can make yourself.

As always, my name is Christian Reed and I am currently a sophomore at MIT with a passion for building things.  Here is my blog.  Hope you enjoy and do not hesitate to ask any questions you have!


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