Jiffy Pop Popcorn

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Making Jiffy Pop can occur on your stovetop, your fireplace or over a camp fire. Basically, any open fire can be used to make this homemade popcorn treat.

  • To make jiffy pop on your stove top, set it at medium heat. After about 5 minutes get your jiffy pop container over the heated stove and start shaking.
  • You will start to hear the sizzling as the kernels get warmed up. A few minutes into shaking you should start to hear popping. The foil begins expanding and forming an expanded dome shape.
  • Continue shaking until the popping slows down. Remove from heat and carefully poke the top with a knife or another utensil.
  • Look out for extremely hot steam that starts escaping and be careful while handling.
  • Pour into a bowl or eat right out of the jiffy pop foil.

How do you make jiffy pop popcorn on the stove? - Yahoo Answers
follow the directions on the package! They're on the inside of the cardboard cover
(which must be carefully removed as the first step)


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