Illustrator - WMF files


I would like to know what the go is with Illustrator and exporting to wmf files?

What has happened is this.

I have an illustrator file which i have a logo and text(an A4 letter head), which i am working with.

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I have it saved as an .AI file (illustrator). I then exported it as (from File menu then Export) and saved it as an wmf file - i use wmf file as this logo and text/letter head will be going into a Word document, so from research today through the web, i am using wmf file to import into Word 2007 - possibly be used in other versions of word, like older versions also - though i have one question here also - do i use .WMF file to use as a logo and text(a single graphic) in WORD, or is there a more suitable format, say, pdf, .eps? or another graphic format which WORD will accept and retain the quality of the image?

OK,  now i have exported my file, first time the letterhead came out scratchy and edgy, say very poor quality, next time i resized the logo in illustrator to maek it bigger, see if there was any difference, then i exported it to .wmf, THIS time it came out a lot better, the lines were smooth etc. The THIRD time i did it, it came out a lot better, much better quality(having rezsized it to be larger in illustrator). After i did this again, the file went back to the first image quality poor for some reason, i tried another 6-7 times and the same result, pixelated/not smooth and poor.

So this is my dillemma, illustrator is mucking about for some reason, or what am i doing wrong. Also the 2nd and 3rd times i have imported the files into WORD, and this is when they were the quality i mentioned, based on what they appear in word. But if i preview/view them on their own in a picture viewer, then they are not great quality at all - all 8 versions of wmf files.

What am i doing wrong?

I am trying to create a letterhead, and this is for a volunteer role which i took up just recently and i have taken up too much time to produce the organisations documents which need branding. Business Card, Letter head, fax cover and dcoument template for internal use, cover page etc.

So if anyone could shed some light on all this or point me in the right direction thorugh a hidden web tutorial then that would be great, i would love to hear from anyone, real quick.

Or just at least tell me why illustrator is not exporting properly anymore? Another question, does all text in my illustrator document need to be (Create Outlines) before i export to wmf format - as im just learning all this stuff now.



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