I Make Snow - Let It Go Parody

'I Make Snow' - Let It Go FROZEN (Parody)
By: Mike Kelton and Morgan Miller
Sung by: Emma Hunton

Original song by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Tony Award®-winner Robert Lopez.

Get the soundtrack now on iTunes: di.sn/sH2

This instrumental came from the deluxe edition of the soundtrack "Frozen".
Download: itunes.apple.com/ph/album/let...

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Parody Lyrics:

I Make Snow (Parody)

Is this Everest?

It's physically impossible that I am alive
I'm on a mountain for fucks sake
Currently, I don't have any feet,
Google Maps must've made a mistake
The wind is howling But my hair has stayed in place
What do you think this is, The Amazing Race?

By now you know, I have one glove
Soon my left hand will proba bly be a nub
KAR-ATE CHOP!, One nub, they know
let the second nub GROW!

I make snow, I make snow
I'm a gypsy making men out of snow
I make snow, I make snow
I'm related to Sub-Zero
I don't care
That I'm a big old Gay
Let the storm rage on, this cape never flattered me anyway

I kinda miss my cape now
I wonder where it's gone?
And I'm great at walking backwards
Now watch me sprint towards dawn!

I'm gonna make some icy stairs
See look, these nubs they sure came through!
I'll climb these stairs, I've lost my mind

I could slip, break my neck and die
I wish I was a big old pizza pie
Here's my shoe
Snowflakes are kinda gay
Did I just see a dong?

...'I'm a relator!'

Usually hardwood but these floors are purely ice
I know the markets down but high ceilings will up the price
Central Air comes from this cool chandelier of ice
This crowns a piece of shit
I think it gave me lice

She's my lesbian lover you know!
I never miss her comedy show
A DRAG QUEEN taught me how to walk this way
My mind is GONE!,
My clit is an icicle anyway.

I Make Snow - Let It Go Parody on Vimeo
12 янв 2014

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