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How To Make Money From Classified Websites

Is it easy for everyone to start a classified website? The answer is yes. Anyone can setup a fully functional website with ClassiCraft theme. Just install WordPress on your server and then install ClassiCraft theme that’s all. You can have your classified theme online within minutes with this powerful theme. I would suggest you to learn more about ClassiCraft theme and know how it can help you run a successful online classified business.

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Once you have a well established classified website you can make passive income out of it. I get queries from users that how a classified website makes money? Today I am going to answer that question. Well it depends on what business model they use for earning. As you already know classified websites are places on Internet where people and businesses post their ads either for free or at some charge. So if you have a good classified website then you can surely make good money from your website.

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Ways to make money from Classified Websites:

  • Paid Service:

If you have a classified website with good rank and popularity then you can directly charge users for their ads. Just because of reputation of your website they will pay you. What if you have a good classified website which is just started? In this case you can offer some additional services that you will publish the ads on homepage etc. and for these extra services you can charge them. I feel for a classified website it’s highly important to be on top rank so your website must be search engine optimized. One of the major advantages you will get with ClassiCraft theme is that it’s completely search engine friendly.

  • Sell Ad Spaces:

You can sell ad spaces in your website. If you have a classified website for a particular niche then you can sell ad spaces to businesses in that niche and charge them on monthly or weekly basis. For examples your classified website is specifically for selling and buying cars. Your ads will be only from those people who want to sell or buy cars so you can get ads from different car agencies for a good price.

  • Google Adsense:

You can also monetize your classified website using Google Ads. Target some good keywords and post ads in their specific categories page as classified websites has lot of categories. On click basis you can earn good income. You will again need a good ranking website so ClassiCraft theme can help you achieve that.

  • Affiliates:

You can also promote your own affiliates and earn some money. For every niche get a service or product which has affiliates program then you can post your own affiliate link on specific niche and make good money from it.

The most working and money making method is paid service. Directly charge a small amount on monthly basis or a onetime fee for posting ads. Suppose your website has only 100 paid customers and they all pay you a minimum of $20 to post few ads on your website then you are making $2000 per month without any extra efforts. Users and customers will grow with time so as your money will. If you have 1000 customers after an year then you are making $20000 per month from your classified website. All other methods also get you good money but you will have to work with your website and implement new ways to convince audience.

I would suggest you to follow a rule “Be social” for classifieds websites. Your users should be able to properly communicate with each other. ClassiCraft theme is a perfect WordPress theme for classified website.

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