How to Make Citizens Behave: Social Psychology, Liberal Virtues, and Social Norms

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  1. Emily McTernan

Article first published online: 19 JUN 2013

DOI: 10.1111/jopp.12015

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Journal of Political Philosophy

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McTernan, E. (2014), How to Make Citizens Behave: Social Psychology, Liberal Virtues, and Social Norms. Journal of Political Philosophy, 22: 84–104. doi: 10.1111/jopp.12015

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Author Information

  1. Philosophy, London School of Economics & Political Science

  1. I am grateful to Bob Goodin, Stephen John, Clare Chambers, Kevin Brosnan, Chris Nathan, three anonymous referees for the Journal of Political Philosophy, and Roisin Ellison for their very helpful comments on earlier versions of this article. Thanks are also due to the audience at the 9th Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy (2011) where a version of this article was presented, and, in particular, to Anna Elisabetta Galeotti for her comments on that occasion. This article was written while I was funded by King's College, Cambridge.

Publication History

  1. Issue published online: 23 JAN 2014
  2. Article first published online: 19 JUN 2013

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