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Girl drawing in a bookCan you feel mad when you are laughing? No way! Laughing makes you happy. When you feel happy, it is hard to feel mad at the same time.

Would you like something that makes you happy every time you are mad or sad? A Good Mood Book can help make you happy. You can make your own Good Mood Book. Ask a grown-up for help to make your Good Mood Book.

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How to Make Your Good Mood Book

1) Ask for paper to draw on.

2) Draw pictures of what makes you happy. Here are some things you might draw.

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  • You bouncing a ball
  • Flowers
  • Kittens
  • Your grandma
  • An ice cream cone

3) Put all of your pictures in a pile. Staple the papers together on 1 side.

Now you have your Good Mood Book! When you feel sad or mad, look at your book. You will see things that make you happy. Your Good Mood Book can help you feel happy again.

For Parents

This activity is appropriate for kids ages 5 to 7. Your child will probably enjoy this activity more if you help them make their Good Mood Book. Help them think of things that make them happy. Help them decide where to keep their book so they will remember to look at it when they need cheering up.

Supplies your child will need:

  • Paper to draw on
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  • Stapler

What to Teach Your Child: Respond to Feelings in a Healthy Way

One goal of this activity is to remind your child that it is OK for her to have all types of feelings -- happy, sad, and mad. All feelings are healthy.

You can also use this activity to help your child learn that there is more than one way to respond to how she feels -- some ways are healthy and good for her, some are not.

Help your child recognize some inappropriate and unhealthy ways she reacts to feelings. For instance, when she is mad, does she hit or scream? When she is sad, does she eat sweets? Help her understand that when she responds to unpleasant feelings in a healthy way instead, she will feel better. She may feel better by taking deep breaths when she is mad. When she is sad, it may help her feel better to talk to someone about it. And she can look at her Good Mood Book to feel better when she is in a bad mood.

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