How much do you think it costs McDonald's to make a mcdouble?

How much do you think it costs McDonald's to make a mcdouble?

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Labor and all

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McDonald's makes their money through their high volume of sales, and therefore it probably costs them slightly less than what they sell it for. They probably only make only about a 10 cent profit for each item they sell. So basiclly, if they sell a burger for $3.00, it probably costs them $2.90 to make it. All of the people who say it only costs a few pennies are financially illiterate. The overhead alone that is attributed to each product they sell is probably well over a dollar. Not to mention things like insurance, building maintenance costs, etc must all be spread out over each item they sell, since McDonald's is purely a merchandise business and not a service.


Business degree.

No, The McDonald's McDouble Is Not The 'Greatest Food In Human ...
30 Jul 2013 ... And we can all agree that a McDouble is waaay more delicious than the ... They
are made of cows, which guzzle our dwindling water supply, ...

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  • Carl Lamb answered 2 months ago

    A burger off the dollar menu costs 33 cents in food cost and 33 cents for labor,bills and franchise fees.the other 33 cents is profit.while McDonald's needs a lot of orders to stay I'm business because thier food is so cheap they make much more than ten cents on three if that was true they would make one hundred dollars on every three thousand dollars put in the register and belive me they are making A LOT more profit than that.


    Was a manager at McDonald's in my younger days

  • Catfish answered 1 year ago

    Let's be realistic.

    They kill a cow. Or maybe a different species like an alpaca? They put the meat in patty form. I would say two patties costs no more than .000001 cent considering its probably not meat in the first place. Now the cheese which probably comes from Honey Boo Boo's farm. In other words, its not cheese, costs no more than .000002 cents because making fake cheese is kinda hard. Now the pickles are probably the most expensive at a whopping .00003 cents. However, the bun definitely costs a cent because cheap white sesame seed buns are hard to find. Hmmm what am I missing? Ah yes, the onion bits. I bet they pay a nasty old man with denchers to chew up an onion and spit it out on the burger so manual labor probably about another cent or so. Overall, the ketchup isn't too expenisve so I would say the McDouble costs 2.000006 cents. Thanks for your time

  • Celeste M answered 1 year ago

    It is supposed to take 60 seconds to make, and minimum wage is 10.30 here, so 1/60 of 10.30 is 17 cents worth of labour. It costs approximately 25 cents to make the burger (which I found on Google). That is a total of 42 cents.

  • Mark answered 1 year ago

    They get huge discounts on ingredients as they buy in bulk,the wage in McDonald's isn't great and they aren't paid based on how many things they make so they will get more labour for their money.I would say it costs them about a pound maybe 1.50 uf you push it so they would make around the same in profit

  • halfling1750 answered 1 year ago

    well it costs burgerking 30something cents to make a whopper, so mcdonalds is at least doubling their money. :P

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  • Efren Carrillo mejia answered 1 year ago

    you can get your on mac donals for $200,000 and you will be paying the rest of it while you have it


    McDonald's seller

  • How much do you think it costs McDonald's to make a mcdouble?

    Labor and all

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