How is natural gas produced

Natural gas rises up the well using natural energy. It is produced in America, Europe, Africa, and other regions. One-fifth of the global production falls on Gazprom.

Well drilling

Gas is extracted from the subsurface using specially drilled wells called producing or operating wells. In fact, there are many types of wells, and they are used not only for extraction, but also for studying the geological structure of the subsurface, prospecting for new fields, supporting operations, etc.

Why drill in a sidestep way

Tubes for well casing can be inserted one inside the other – like a telescope. Thus, they consume much less space and can be stored easier. Pressure shall be distributed uniformly. Producing wells are located all over the field for the reservoir pressure to drop uniformly.

Well depth can reach 12 kilometers. This depth can be used for studying lithosphere.

Borehole is cased and cemented.

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Once a potential natural gas deposit has been located by a team of ... it is up to a
team of drilling experts to dig down to where the natural gas is thought to exist.

Following well

Natural gas is rising to the surface due to its natural tendency to fill areas with the lowest pressure. Since gas produced from a well contains many admixtures, it is first taken for treatment. Comprehensive gas treatment units are built not far from certain fields; in some cases, gas is instantly taken to a gas processing plant.

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Natural gas is rising to the surface due to its natural tendency to fill areas with the
lowest pressure. Since gas produced from a well contains many admixtures, ...

Production volumes

Gazprom accounts for 78 per cent of the Russian and 15 per cent of the global gas production.

The table below shows production volumes in the world, in Russia and in Gazprom:

  Global, billion cubic meters Russia, billion cubic meters Gazprom, billion cubic meters 2001 2,493 581 512 2002 2,531 595 525.6 2003 2,617 620 547.6 2004 2,692 633 552.5 2005 2,768 641 555 2006 2,851 656 556 2007 2,951 654 548.6 2008 3,065 665 549.7 2009 2,976 584 461.5 2010 3,193 649 508.6

Data on the global gas production are taken from the BP report.

Natural Gas
In 2006, the U.S. consumed about 22 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (21% of the
world total), compared to 105 trillion cubic feet worldwide. The U.S. produced ...

Data on the Russian gas production are taken from reports of the Federal Service for State Statistics, Central Dispatching Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex, and Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

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