How do i make myself sick without fingers down my throat?

How do i make myself sick without fingers down my throat?

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How do i make myself sick without putting my fingers down my throat? thanks :)

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absolute best way to make yourself throw up - The Psychedelic ...
11 Aug 2010 ... You tried putting a finger down your throat or something like that and it didn't work
. It's pretty shitty, but I figured out how to make yourself puke as a last ... my liquor
without a problem), choking this way (accidentally) sometimes ...

Well. I wont ask why. But when I have food poisoning I never puke. Unless I shove my face in a toilet and take a deep breath in. It's absolutely disgusting. The smell makes me immediately sick and I puke all that bad stuff out. And it's into the toilet! Convenient! :D

*Hint: Make sure the toilet is flushed before you stick your face in it. x.x

My pro ana: 71 Binge and Purge Tips and Tricks
9 Mar 2013 ... If throwing up is hard for you use a tooth brush (not the side with the brush) and
drink ... Stand up when putting your finger down your throat… when it is down
... Rock backwards and forwards while you are making yourself purge… ..... in the
shower and your vomit can just go down without anyone noticing

5 out of 5
thanks! this worked for me :) x x

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  • dr_wife answered 2 years ago

    Sick or throw up? To make yourself sick, lick some raw chicken, hang out with someone who has the flu or cold I highly recommend not doing any if what I just posted before this. To throw up, which I assume is what you want to know, just think of something that makes you want to throw up, that usually does it for me.

  • Chapman answered 2 years ago

    I assume you mean throw up, but you can drink syrup of ipecac.

    Ipecac syrup is a medicine that causes vomiting. In the past it was used to partially empty a person’s stomach after a poison. It is now rarely recommended.

    It is NOT necessary to keep ipecac syrup in your home.

    In case of poisoning, call the poison center right away at....... 1-800-222-1222.


  • TheTerminatorFan answered 2 years ago

    Get a job at McDonalds. Going to work at that place will make you throw up every day.

  • How do i make myself sick without fingers down my throat?

    How do i make myself sick without putting my fingers down my throat? thanks :)

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