Home Baked Garlic Naan Bread Recipe

How to make it

  • * note that you can add more flour to make it the right consistency.. that wont ruin the naan as long as you give it the required 3-4 hours to rise.
  • In a mixing bowl add flour, baking powder, salt and sugar
  • Mix well
  • Add your oil and yogurt and mix well
  • Dissolve the yeast in warm water and let it sit for 2 mins
  • Mix the yeast water into your flour and kead well ( Make it a bread dough like consistency and just a little bit sticky. but not too dry, add more water if needed)
  • Let it sit for 3-4 hours ( i leave it for about 4 hours)
  • Knead your dough again for a min or two
  • Divide your dough into 6 parts
  • Turn on your oven to broil and let it heat for 20 mins, with your stone in the oven
  • Make the parts into ball shapes and coat it with flour ( makes it easier to roll)
  • Sprinkle some chopped garlic on to the ball ( you can use, cumin, cilantro, poppy seeds, mustard seeds, almonds, pistachios etc..)
  • Using a rolling pin, roll your balls into a pita shape ( dont roll it too thin)
  • Be careful and put each uncooked naan on the stone and let it cook for 3 mins
  • Check to see if it has puffed up or has a puffy surface
  • Remove from oven and baste it with your melted butter
  • Preserve in foil to keep it warm
  • Repeat the process until you have baked all of your naan's
  • Serve with chutney, dry curries or veggies... eat plain if you like.


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