Hasbro Exclusive: Gatling Gun Foam-Paintball blaster

  1. As far as a gatling gun / minigun style blaster goes, especially according to the prototype pictures, I'd be mad stoked if they actually made one. Not so much interested in the paintball side of it, but keeping foam-sports related would be ideal for most people like me.

    The Nerf Vulcan or the Air Zone Punisher are the closest anyone has come to it thus far, but both have their problems and short-comings. In fact this OzNerfNerd 67v Vulcan is what inspired my "Iron Kurtain" mod which melds both the Vulcan internals and the Punisher aesthetics together.. I might do a vid on it actually :P

    The problem with making a minigun style blaster use foam darts / balls is being able to not only fire properly (which ammo belts are notorious for being very "hit and miss") but to also reload the darn thing. Even with my Iron Kurtain, using a modded 100-dart capacity Vulcan belt, and having to brace a big paint bucket underneath the blaster, it takes a long time to reload the belts with darts, to the point I've needed to make EXTRA belts just to replace mid-battle...

    With the "100 darts in a Dead Mans Chest - does not take Rambo long to expend " if it's implying what I think it is, I'm very keen to not only see WHAT it is, but HOW it works.

  2. Wow. I don't even know what to say.

    First of all, this looks like from the patent drawings to be a true Gatling type action with individual spring-piston powertrains for each barrel (compare to firing pins in the real steel). That is both a huge surprise to me that Hasbro would consider such a design, but somewhat expected that the thought crossed their minds. The nature of such system points to a level of engineering and quality that has always seemed to be beyond Hasbro to me. I imagine the cost will be substantial, but justified.

    Spherical projectile: Well, it's an interesting concept. Darts are somewhat complex to make, fragile, difficult to design in certain manners without making them unstable and inaccurate, and present reliability challenges. A ball of EVA foam or something, like a mini Ballistic Ball or a "reball" would remove those problems and be an accurate, uniform and safe object (made purely from foam, after all) to shoot at high velocity. So, I like it. Foam balls will make this fall squarely into the Nerf domain and attract Nerf fans and Nerfers - paintballs would not. Paint and single-use ammo would turn off 90% of the market from what I know. A foam ball gun could be used in HVZ or indoor wars alongside dart blaster, a paintball gun is a paintball gun with the associated mess and stigma of high-velocity .68 cal markers which would scare people off.

    Now for suggestions:

    - Magazine/drum/hopper: I recommend that the 5-shot burst limitation of the mag be removed with proper design. If that is only potential that requires modding to unlock (for example, motor power limited by the low-cost battery selection in the stock product), so be it. What you guys seem to be working on is VERY similar to a paintball hopper, and nowadays there are ENDLESS examples of these on the market which are designed for high rates of fire (10 BPS or 600rpm is slow for them). If it comes down to it, I would VASTLY prefer that this gun be equipped with a paintball-type hopper to feed it balls rather than some nerf-specific "smart" drum mag. PB hoppers are a PROVEN TECHNOLOGY which currently exists in a production state. At least, don't make it too much of a headache to retrofit/mod a real .50 cal (is it 50/68 cal in this case?) PB hopper to this gun.

    If for some reason I am totally wrong about the feed system, I would still prefer that a "dumb" stick magazine or belt feed be used instead of a limiting "smart drum" that would need to take a time-out and churn every 5 shots to sustain some semblance of full auto. For HVZ, I do not want that, and getting rid of the mag lag by whatever means necessary would be priority one in my modding of this thing, whether that is by modding the smart drum or by replacing it with something else like a pb hopper. In short, if you are appealing to Rambo type usage profiles you NEED to be able to sustain full auto. Preferably at least 450-500RPM full auto.

    What modders are going to want to do with this is massively increase its cyclic rate and possibly its capacity. The most important thing to remember about mod community is that modders do not respond to stock performance, they respond to performance IMPROVEMENTS and absolute performance after the modding is complete. Releasing a product that is head and shoulders above everything else *AND* offers a platform for doing truly insane things will put one in EVERY modder's hands, which means sales and publicity.


home made paintball gun - YouTube


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