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The following ideas are from a Halo 4 thread on The Halo Forums website. There are many key ideas this writing touches on that I think should be implemented in Halo 4. Let me know how you guys feel about these suggestions in the comments below. Link to full thread here


So first off, thanks to Diesel for the idea, I didn’t think we’d have such an opportunity as has been given. For anybody who doesn’t know what this is about, I sent a PM to BS Angel talking about how the people of THF would like to give their ideas and insight without being lost in the batches of other topics, along with the flame wars. I was surprised to get a reply, in which BS Angel said we could gather our ideas and create a thread with all of our ideas. Instead of compiling all the information into one post, we’ve decided to leave all the input posted be members, as there was 1) Too much information to compile (Great Work Guys!), and 2) people were suggesting a second thread for their personal opinions to be heard (not just the compiled and summarized thoughts).

To start things off, here are some of the main issues I think are needing to be dealt with.


• Depending on what these perks are, they should be balanced and affect gameplay in a slight manner. They should NOT slow down the flow of the gameplay, and they should not make it so people with perks at the higher tiers have a distinct advantage, but instead, simply giving players with access to more perks more variety. Maybe these perks could have a limited use too, to prevent the spamming of any usable perk (All of the Armour Abilities in Reach are spammed, repeatedly slowing the game). For example, if in Reach somebody were to pick Armour Lock, but only be able to use it once every 90 seconds, then I would find Reach MUCH more enjoyable. Another factor to be considered is how many times these perks could be spawned with (if they are spawned with at all).


• I honestly don’t feel as if loadouts belong in Halo. The classic feel of having players find everything on the map makes the choice of map more important. It also gives Halo a more unique feel above the other major FPS series. In relation to perks, the loadouts, should these perks be included in loadouts, I would prefer the perks not having as much of an affect on gameplay as the loadout choices in Reach did.


• I would love to see power-ups AWAY from loadouts and perks. Stick to the originals, have them placed around the map. Have Camouflage work as it has in the first Halo trilogy (Without it affecting radar). Same thing goes for over-shield. Also, bring back the differently shaped Power-Ups, a cube for “OS” and a triangular figure for “Camo”.


• Universal Gameplay Settings; With the TU for Reach, the Halo fanbase was further torn apart by numerous options and fighting over preferences. While some of these options are nice, diversity of features should not fall under the catagory of core gameplay such as movement speed and beatdowns.


• Weapon Spawn-timers are a must, it was a rumor that weapons would spawn at random points in the game. If this is the case, I strongly disagree with this decision. It isn’t hard to learn what general times weapons respawn, while having weapons (such as rockets or shotgun) possibly spawning within 30 seconds of being fully used would throw off the balance of the game.
• Color and Appeal is A MUST! The forge world maps were the main reason I stopped playing Reach often, they are too bland! The maps should have distinct, warm and appealing colors.
• Another must have is more team-based (symmetric) maps, but do include non-symmetric maps as well.
• I would love to see maps that are more difficult to be spawn killed on as well, though this may not fit with every maps design obviously.
• Another thing that hampered Halo:Reach was the lack of playlist specified maps, such as bigger maps for BTB.
• Possibly the most important point listed for Maps is the distribution of Firefight Maps and Matchmaking Maps. For a gametype that sustained such a low amount of consistent users, having 7-8 maps like in reach is NOT THE ANSWER. Do not disregard FF, but people can easily enjoy FF with 4 maps shipped with Halo 4. Adding a 5th map through DLC would be a bonus, hopefully around 3 smaller and 2 bigger maps. Anything over 5 maps is overdoing it, as the majority of players enjoy multiplayer matchmaking heaps more than Fire Fight.


• Rotating items
• Customization of Power/Launch of Gravity Lifts
• Different Colored Pallets, or option to customize the color of various pallets and objects.
• Spherical Items


• Key-framing
• Party Viewing of Clips and Gameplays
• In-Game Slow-Mo
• Skipping Through Segments of Gameplay (1 Minute Intervals)
• Timeline Markers
• Different POV’s (With ways to ensure a clip isn’t stolen, keeping the name present at all times while in that player’s POV?)
• Different HUD’s (Taking away Crosshairs, Medals, etc..)


• A Reliable ranking system, basing rank on both average statistics and wins of players.
• A Matchmaking system that matches teams with teams, singles vs singles, possibly even the same amount of parties (matching party sizes for each; 4v4 with 2 singles and a party of 2 on each team, rather than 4 singles vs 2 parties of 2). Most importantly, using the ranking system to create balanced teams. In Halo:Reach, I face parties of 3-4 more than half the time I search a team game solo. I also end up losing 75% of my games in any team based playlist, because the opposing team is much more skilled than my teammates. This W/L ratio has greatly affected the amount of Halo:Reach I play, because I basically KNOW that my team will be terrible, or teams aren’t generally balanced at all.
• Take away the quit ban, keep using the 3 betrayal booting system. Create harsher penalties for players that quit more often.


• A few things that made Reach less fun was the restrictions of the campaign. Back in Halo 2/ Halo 3, you could get out of maps, and there would be lots of cool things to see and explore outside of the map. With Reach, kill zones destroyed this sadly, I would LOVE to see lots of hidden easter eggs and out-of-map possibilities. Just having the area outside the main campaign path would be great. It’s something that so many players would love to see, as a fan I don’t care about how restricted and to-the-point the levels are, there isn’t any need to clean up the un-related campaign areas.


• Adjustable Settings; damage, rate of fire, max ammo, shots per burst, max zoom, explosion radius for various explosives, explosion damage, aim acceleration, auto-aim.
• Fileshare; In Halo 3 the fileshare gave players something to do while in lobby, while helping to boost creative content sharing. In Halo:Reach, the Fileshare and sharing settings became difficult, tedious and confusing. Reverting to a more H3-like Fileshare could help bring back that sense of community.
• EASTER EGGS. Seriously, put like 50 Easter Eggs in the campaign, and others scattered across forge and multiplayer maps. Think back to the random objects on Sandtrap, and the partially naked man in that one Halo 3 mission. This is what made me respect Bungie at the time, they had fun with things while they went on with development. You wouldn’t believe how many hours fans spent finding these things with their friends, and sharing it with the community. I WANT THE SERIES HALO 2/3 TRICKS MAKING A FULL COMEBACK FOR HALO 4!
• Make sticky grenades launch-able like in Halo 2 again. Please.


The following is only meant if it is brought back in Halo 4.

Jetpack - Shorter bursts of propulsion compared to a 5-7 seconds of air-time, I’m thinking 3 seconds max?
• Cooldown Timer to prevent the repeated use and slow down of the gameplay’s flow. Allowed use every 90 seconds?
• Jetpacks should be more used for a quick shortcut or getaway, instead of reaching the map’s highest point in 5 seconds.

Sprint - Should be used for a short burst of running, be it for quick escapes or moving in to help a teammate nearby. Not used for moving across the entire map in under a minute.
• 2-3 seconds of sprint
• Cooldown Timer; this time is highly debatable, depending on whether every player spawns with it, or it’s a personal choice. 30 seconds of cooldown with 2-3 seconds of sprint seems fairly balanced to me.
• Things a player CANNOT do while sprinting; ANY SUGGESTIONS?


First-Person Mode For Vehicles - Back in Halo CE (though I can’t recall whether all seats were like this), when a player entered a certain seat in a vehicle (such as the passenger seat in a warthog), said player would be in a first person view. This idea should be re-visited, as it made people actually want to be a vehicle whenever possible (It was just so much fun speeding through Blood Gulch in a first person view, let alone shooting people in that view). Possible toggle option perhaps?D-PAD FEATURES - The D-PAD could be re-worked for helping players without mics with “quick” communication signals. This feature obviously won’t be as precise as actual talking, but I think it benefits everybody and is a great addition. This feature will work almost identically to Portal 2′s communication feature. The feature would have to have a toggle option, for people who would just spam and abuse it.
- “Up” signals the location (which your redicle is aiming at), helping to notify teammates an enemy is there.
- “Right” signals teammates to move to that location
- “Down” signals teammates to fall back / stay away from that location.
- “Left” signals the targeted area / object as important. For Example; I you press Left while aiming at your Warthog, your teammates will know it’s spawned or to use it.

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  • Errorjack

    2-3 seconds of Sprint, are you high? There is barely enough Sprint in Halo: Reach to get to places you need. They should just keep AA OUT OF THE GAME!

    • Rhys

      Yer i second about the sprint. Situation: “Help, Help! underfire!” “Don’t worrie mate i’ll be there in about half an hour because i can only run for a short while!’

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  • Rhys

    I always thought about what it would be like driving vehicles in first person. especilaly flying ones!


    2-3 seconds of sprint? Are you nuts? In real life you can sprint much longer than that. Thats a terrible idea!!!

    • AnimalSlayer4000

      but spartans have 2 ton armor on. they get chemial shots to hold themselves up and jump but you try sprinting with heavy armor. see how long you would sprint. you would probably sprint like 10 seconds. and they dont want people to use it to get across the map in 20 seconds. the halo maps are small. not like arma 2 were sprinting takes a hour to get across the map.

      Get real!

  • tyler

    A lot of good suggestions here. Reach was still a great game but the fact that you’ve taken the time to write something like this out proves that it had its faults.

    I’m going to keep my thoughts only to multiplayer perks/loadouts because this is where a balanced design is most crucial. While these guys are giving you a hard time with the sprint idea, I think it’s on par.

    Here’s why I think the loadouts definitely negatively changed the multiplayer gameplay of halo.

    Sprint affected the multiplayer balance because it allowed players to spawn and reach the action too quickly, allowing them to pick up easy one-shots more often than before (this could also be said for the jetpack). It also allowed players to quickly retreat to their teammates who were sometimes far across the map.

    The Jetpack took away the advantage of high positions by allowing players to reach high points from multiple directions as opposed to having to safely approach someone with a high position (think the towers on The Pit). The jetpack also eliminated the need for learning certain skilled jumps which I think is an important aspect of gameplay.

    Armor lock allowed players to essentially pause the action of the game for five seconds, giving their teammates time to arrive and swinging any momentum that the other team may have had.

    I think you get the point. The key to fixing this is two fold. First, do what you suggested about invis and OS. Go back to the way they used to be, as a central spawn on the map. Second, make the jetpack a perk that is either earned through a kill streak or a spawn on the map. If it were to be placed on the map, I see it being placed much like the sword was on The Pit in Halo 3. If you were playing CTF on a map with multiple levels, the jetpack would be worth fighting for and could perhaps change the outcome of the game.

    Armor lock should be done away with and replaced with the drop shield which should also be placed in the map. The drop shield is much better than armor lock because players are still vulnerable but only if the other team approaches the situation correctly.

    Sprint, on the other hand is a toss up for me. It’s hard to get rid of it because so many people like it but it definitely changes the speed of the game. I like the idea of shorter bursts so that it’s essentially used as a way to evade (without rolling) instead of a quick way to run across the entire map. One thought I’ve had is that sprint could be treated the same as grenades in that once you use it, it’s out, making each player use the sprint more strategically. There could even be sprint recharge stations throughout the map. But I think that sounds too complicated so the shorter bursts would be smart.

    All in all, I think players enjoy accomplishing unique kills, moves, flag captures, etc. because they have earned perks and abilities rather than spawning with them.

    Good post!

  • Sam

    1. Get rid of armor abilities and make them as power ups/pick ups, like a jetpack or that hardline shield. Get rid of sprint also, but keep only if it goes away after you get hit by an opponent (Gears of War influence)
    2. Bring in more weapon variety if you’re going to introduce loadouts. Bring back the SMG as a secondary weapon, making it a lot weaker. Make a zoom-in automatic weapon or an automatic shotgun. Have a more effective pistol/sidearm for the Covvies.
    3. Make the maps beautiful and fun. If you view Reach’s maps, they were all either dull with lacking appeal or they were made from Forge. Halo 3 had amazing environments such as Snowbound or High Grounds (all mixtures of tech and nature). Make the maps a lot better in terms of design and balance. Reach’s maps were all boring and unbalanced (erHERM Uncaged) which really made me skeptical about continuing to play Reach.
    4. Get rid of drop/fall damage. If you’re a Spartan you should be able to survive a fall, especially since you are a successor to the Spartan II.
    5. NO KILLSTREAKS. This breaks the game completely and makes a player with many kills even more powerful, getting rid of the chance for another player to take down the killstreaked player.

  • Mr. Fluffy fluffingston

    they need to put findable skulls in the campaign and select multiplayer maps instead of allready unlocked usable skulls. i like the challenges skulls put into the game and feel like skulls are a thing that makes halo different from other games

  • deacon

    I think nobody should be better then the other because of his weapons or perks I think it should be determined by the players skill who wins

  • Random commentor

    Interesting list of suggestions, might as well toss a few of my own out there and cross my fingers that some turn out good.
    1. I say leave Sprint alone. I’m not overly fond of it myself, since I usually end up running into someone’s gunfire and can’t react fast enough, but I don’t feel that it gives any unreasonable advantage. It just helps get from point A to point B a little faster. The cooldown times seem unreasonable. Whats wrong with just rationing what you’ve got, and use it strategically?
    2. This might just be because I love jetpacks, but I think that the Jetpack was a welcome addition. It changed the way the field could be viewed, and allowed one to get the drop on an opponent from above or below. I feel that its balanced somewhat by the fact that while flying through the air makes you a pretty obvious, slow moving target with flames coming out your backside. I’ve been sniped plenty times from out of the air, and it was my fault for staying out in the open for so long. I believe the jetpack does require a degree of skill to use effectively so you don’t end up splattering yourself over the pavement when it suddenly runs out, but again, I’m a fan of it, so I’m obviously biased.
    3. Armor Lock needs to die a slow, lingering death. I grant you that it has its merits in levels with lots of vehicles. That makes one cautious and spices up the action. But in small levels with no vehicles, its basically a way to cheat death without any manner of skill. Its a fun feature when in the right place, but when in close quarters, its just a crap move.
    4. The various maps certainly need more variety and liveliness. I’m glad to note I wasn’t the only one who thought the Reach maps were mostly lackluster and felt empty. I’m still attatched to the maps of Halo 2 and 3, where you could actually press switches on panels and get some kind of action to happen, like opening a gate, lowering a barricade, break open a hinge, things like that. It made the maps feel far more real, like its a place where an actual battle is happening rather than a bunch of sterile tiles stacked together. Now, I’m not trying to bash Bungie for doing cool stuff with Forge, but I feel that too many of the maps were bland, symetrical, and just uninteresting. Unsymetrical levels with things you can interact with, even if it has no bearing on a match, makes the places feel like they can be explored and have fun with. Zanzibar is a perfect example, and I still adore that map setup from Halo 2.
    5. I myself have no problem with the rank system in Reach. In fact, I think that the only thing that shouldn’t be touched. At all. I thought it was brilliantly simple yet effective, encouraging players to keep up their fighting to achieve more items, rather than just for rank itself.
    6. Armor Imports: This is one of the only things I came up with myself, and some people have agreed with me. I love the armor I earned in Halo 3 and Reach, but I noticed that the moment the next Halo game arrived on the scene, all my hard work was left behind. No way to bring all those hard earned items with me. I think it’d be a fun plus to be able to import whatever armor you’ve earned in previous games to the next installment. It will encourage players to keep playing the old ones, and give players an even greater array of armor to mess with. Tons of combinations and variety to work with will be plenty fun!
    7. I agree with more weapon content. I’m a nut for variety of weaponry, and like how they’re bringing out more new Forunner gear, but still feel its a bit limited. I wouldn’t at all mind more unique weapons, and some of the fun oldies, like the SMG, which was nifty!
    8. Definitely need to give the Campaign some more gusto. Campaign is always my first consideration, and was quite sad when Reach didn’t match up even to Halo 3. I think part of the problem was that they had put so much effort into the multiplayer system, which was pretty good, small maps excluded. Don’t get me wrong though, they had several levels that I really enjoyed, like Exodus. Starting out with nothing but a pistol and not knowing the devil where you are, already wounded, definitely made it feel atmospheric. Piloting ships in space for the first time was definitely a fun run, not to mention operating in zero G! All the sounds being muffled in the cold vacuum of space, while trying to compensate for your jump momentum really sucked me in and stood out as a fun way to play. But most levels felt either too short, or just not very involving. I felt like most of the voices from the characters were just background noise and didn’t really hear them. Thats probably why I wandered off constantly and didn’t know where to go. XD
    9. Forge was kind of a case of one step forward, and one step back. On one hand, we had huge items to work with and new features, which some people fully utilized to make amazing setups that I never thought possible. Thats the step forward. The step backward came when I couldn’t line up a pair of traffic cones, let alone bigger items. Not sure what changed there between Reach and 3, but it was really hard to place items. From a purely Machinima standpoint, I felt sad when all the pointless, tiny items were taken away. In Halo 3, I loved all the computers, phones, med equipment, and other trivial items that had absolutely no bearing on mutliplayer matchmaking, but really helped flesh out machinima potential. But I don’t feel too bad about it, after all, the series is still progressing and Forge is still new, and I’m hopeful that 343 will sorta combine the pros of both previous systems. Then again, I don’t know why I’m complaining, since I couldn’t make anything interesting with either system. XD
    10. I was rather new to Firefight in Reach, and since they don’t plan on bringing it back, you can feel safe in skipping past this piece, although I still think it deserves comment. Firefight was genuinely fun for me, playing with other guys for a mutual goal of absolute slaughter of a common enemy, but found just about every map droll. It also doesn’t help when almost every match I ever play has lag to the point where I’ve almost developed precognitive abilities to land any hits. Maybe thats just my system problem, but I have no trouble in regular multiplayer, so I’m a bit stumped on that one. I’d like to see it brought back, but needs a tad bit of tweaking.
    11. Please Odin, help bump up the matchmaking team setups. As was mentioned above, getting put on a team with decent players is near impossible. I’ve lost count of how many times in Online in general I’ve been placed on teams with 7 year olds, cross-eyed chimps and people who have yet to learn to function with all ten digits. I eventually came to the conclusion that X-Box Live hated me personally for some type of sin I committed in a past life, and I was cursed for eternity for any Online game available. Hyperbole aside, it’d be nice to be on teams even a third of the time who have a clue on how to cooperate, which would be magnificent.
    I know I’ve griped a lot, years of practice, but I’m actually optimistic about what 343 has coming out. I’ve gotten the impression that they’re trying to put their best foot forward on their first project, and hope that they’ll listen to the various suggestions by their fan base. Well, the good suggestions anyway. ;)
    I wish the best of luck to you 343, show us what you’ve got!

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    • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.l.9 Kyle Legere

      It would be pretty awesome if the Katina in halo 3 could be available in halo 4 to players who have earned it in halo 3.

  • bioxdragon

    if u keep the killstreaks then do something like deathstreaks

  • bioxdragon

    but i like all the other ideas

  • Akuwin

    a jetpack should last more than 3, otherwise it’s just a big jump.

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