Gti-r Quad's Onto A Rwd Sr20det

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GTiR SR20DET into RWD car [Archive] - PerformanceForums
what a dumb arse u are telling me u want to put a gtir engine in a rwd car and
make it auto... rofl what a knob and the person drive manual ...

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Pulsar: gearbox..diff assembly from a 4wd GTIR..bolt - JustAnswer
you would need to make many modifications to make this work, i have heard of
people using the complete gti-r set up and modifying it from awd to rwd with a ...

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Based on my own FIRST HAND experience on my own cars.

The GTIR bodies portmatched and flipped plenum are the best Manifold I've used to date - versus stock, ported stock (extruded), Greddy (not fake ebay crap), and a ported fake ebay pos.

Theres a reason that they're used on the DSG car, and koguchi runs itbs on his s13. This mod isnt new, and it isnt something that hasnt been covered. BUT IT IS A LOT OF WORK, AND WILL MAKE FOR AN EXCELLENT POWERBAND. What I have been thinking about is making a slightly larger plenum for the GTIR bodies.

One other thing I will be doing in the next few weeks is seeing how thick of a plenum spacer i can use that will still work for the gtir sentra guys without hitting firewalls and things. If that works out well, I wont worry about a new plenum just yet. It will be a phenolic spacer - its cheap and doesnt transfer heat.

almost forgot - I just realized this week an easy way to keep the s13 IACV without really fabricating a chamber - get a vacuum manifold block like NA-T guys use - and just drill and tap a plate with a fitting for the air line. simple cheap and should work ok (wont have as strong of a vacuum source for brakes that way ***)

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