Google Street View Banned From Taking More Images In Greece

May 12, 2009

Google Street View Banned From Taking More Images In Greece

The data protection agency in Greece made an announcement yesterday that Google Street View cars are banned from taking any more images for the service.

Street View isn’t allowed to take further pictures pending “additional information” from Google.  The data protection agency wants to know from Google how long they intend to keep the images that they take and what steps Google is taking to alert residents about their photographs being taken.

The Greek Data Protection Authority has also banned a similar service run by an ISP called Kapou.  Kapou has been taking pictures in the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larissa.

Google Street View has been in the hot seat around Europe lately.  Recently a “human chain” prevented a Street View car from taking pictures around London.  Street View also recently had to remove an image of a man vomiting after a stag party in London.

Google Street View - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth
that provides ... The company also created a website to highlight places in the
world where one can find them. .... This is how you can switch to the old version!

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