Favour Nets

Everything to make your own bombonieres

Our favour nets are perfect if you’d like to make traditional Italian Bomboniere wedding favours.  Use 3 of these wedding favour nets, layered together with sugared almonds in a favour saucer in the centre.  Tie firmly with your ribbon and add flowers or sprays in the centre to make truly unique wedding favours.

Gone are the days when if you wanted to make a bonbonniere you’d have to cut around a dinner plate to get the perfect circle!  Now you can buy wedding favour nets with scalloped edges, peaked edges, lurex edges or satin bound edges - giving scope for many bomboniere ideas for take shape.  All our bomboniere favour nets are manufactured in Italy (of course!) and you can choose between a fine mesh or a cristal organza for making your bonbonniere.

The perfect bomboniere takes time to perfect but don’t be put off - the finished favour is a delight to behold and the effort you’ve put into making them is sure to be appreciated by your wedding guests.

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Here are 7 inspiring bombonieres ideas to help you get creative with your own
gracious gifts. ... Make your favours and your escort cards one in the same.

Browse the various favour net categories for find some bomboniere ideas and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions or need any more information about making an Italian bomboniere.

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Follow these step by step instructions to create your own bomboniera.


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