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Man !!!!!!!! your kits are awsome

I have a request.... Can you make Real madrid fantasy kits??
Main color is white for sure, if you can use black for the adidas trade mark stripes and use gold for the nice work you do on the chest area and other places...

Also if you can do away kit ( same design just different colors) and gk as well.
P.s. if you decide to do it, PLEASE provide it a GDB folder with the configure file as I dont know how to use is without same to the other kits you did here in your page.
Thanks alot...
Amazing work again Man, sorry I have no time to make a new template for your request, i use the same template of fantasy fiorentina, and I play pes 2011, it's not the same configuration of pes 2013, soo.. i can't make a gdb folder sorry, thats all what i can do on this week

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Simply love all your adidas fantasy techfit kits!!

Can you please kindly help me design and make adidas fantasy techfit kits for Newcastle?

Below are pics of the classic Newcastle adidas kits from 1995-1997 and PES 2013 classic kits that OLMAJTI has helped me make.
You can use these pics as reference but feel free to use your own creativity.
Biut I do hope you can use Newcastle Brown Ale as the shirt sponsor and not their current nor last season's Virgin Money.

Thanks in advance...

Newcastle 95/96 Home Kit

Newcastle 95/96 Away Kit

OLMAJTI Newcastle 95-96 home kit for PES 2013

OLMAJTI Newcastle 1996 away kit for PES 2013

Newcastle Brown Ale logo

Newcastle 1997 away kit

I wil do sir

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can you make fantasy kits for zamalek club thanks in advance
I will do too, just wait! XD

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This weekend i will do the villareal kit but with a new template just wait

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