Elvish_Hunter's Lua thread

Exasperation wrote:Not sure what's going on with the warning. Does it still show up if the unit is at full health to begin with?

It shows every time that a special slider label is shown. In this tag, that means every time that the unit has (or the slider is set to) full HP, 0 HP or full XP. If you have any other question, please ask. :)

Exasperation wrote:Is there a reason that petrified shows up both in the top area as a label and below as a checkbox?

From http://wiki.wesnoth.org/LuaWML:Units :

# petrified, canrecruit: booleans (read only)
# role, facing: strings (read/write)
# status: proxy associative table (read only, read/write fields) (Version 1.9 and later only)

It will be removed, but why we have two petrified (one as direct field, and one inside the status table) in the unit proxy table?Exasperation wrote:Finally, you can use image path functions (http://wiki.wesnoth.org/ImagePathFunctionWML) in image widgets.The funny thing is that I already used them in past; I simply didn't yet thought of implementing it. It will be done. :wink:

melinath wrote:In terms of the look of things: Right now, it mostly looks strange to me to have such a long line of things across the top and then have a narrow two-column layout down the center of the window. Perhaps explore a four-column layout? Try putting the unit picture and stats that are currently across the top down the left side instead.

Thought bucket » Blog Archive » Tkinter: not dead yet! - Alan D Moore
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to use Tkinter and a newer, better way to use it; so check the date ...

Partially done (I need to make a nested grid for the unit image; when it's finished, I'll commit it):Looks better, now?
Another question: in Python/Tkinter/ttk, when I want to disable a widget inside a dialog, I can set its state as disabled, either while creating it, or using its configure method. Examples:
Code: Select all
disabled_button=Button(self.parent,text="This button is disabled",width=25,state=DISABLED)
disabled_button.configure(text="This button is disabled",state=DISABLED)
and (after using pack, grid or place) the button is grayed out. There is any way to do it in Lua, using wesnoth.set_dialog_callback? I wasn't able to find anything.

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it's not pretty 1. it doesn't look native, 2. fonts are not anti-aliased ...


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