Doesnt nba 2k13 get boring after awhile

  • Date Posted: Jun 26, 2013 #6 i go back and forth between association and mycareer

    mycareer is really fun but gets really stupid sometimes. its hard to have to put up with the CPU's offense if you arent running point, and the retarded rotations, etc. but PG is the easiest position, just make him a scoring PG and you can get pass rating up really cheap, then get dimer and floor general and you can get assists up the ass while being able to score at will with solid shooting stats.

    im playing a SG right now on the griz. its cool, i basically just dominate every game and even though im not PG i just demand the ball and run the offense my way. i dont just cheese points, i get plenty of assists/rebs as well.

    i like playing as conley but he's way too passive as a teammate in this game. he's a really good shooter but he'll pass up open 3s that i hit him on to drive into 3 defenders and get blocked almost every time. he's injured atm so i play with bayless and it works out better because he'll shoot it more aggressively. then its just all about playing off the bigs, drawing double teams and passing to marc/z-bo when they're open.

    im still in rookie season so ive left it at pro difficulty which is too easy but i just want to get a fuck ton of points going into the second season then ill turn up the difficulty.

    i wish they'd space out/balance key games more. i play most non-key games but sometimes it gets tedious but i wont have anything but normal games for like 2 months, so i cant skip ahead or my stats will drop like a rock and the team will lose 80% of the games (the griz are shitty as fuck when im not actually playing, its ridiculous). so i just do 5 min non-key games usually and full key games.

    i havent done playoffs yet and im gonna get mvp this season, just one more month to go, so that should be neat. should win the title no problem, too. i dunno if i wanna leave memphis at some point or not. its nice having a great front court to support me and conley/bayless, and i fit in well considering giving the griz a dominant SG would turn them into a beast team IRL even.

    all that said, playing a big man if more fun/challenging, i think. its like a different game. its satisfying being a dominant inside presence defensively, without worrying about putting up tons of points (usually an efficient 15 points is fine for my rookie C). it gets frustrating sometimes with the way rebounding/boxing out works, and the whole unstoppable driving animations thing. eventualcash likes this.
  • Date Posted: Jun 26, 2013 #7 association is more of a fuck around for me because i just set up whatever team i want. not stacked with superstars, but really fucking solid all around. i like having a team of guys i really like and then cranking the difficulty up. games are almost always competitive. my team right now is:

    jrue / j-kidd
    mayo / iggy / a. bradley
    kawhi / iggy / battier
    josh smith / taj gibson
    dwight / larry sanders

    i barely even use dwight offensively, i just wanted someone who can do a decent fucking job inside. big man defensive AI in this game is retarded, theyre so bad. for such a defensively strong front court we still get raped in points in the paint (which makes a bit of sense considering all the shooters we have, but still, raped). thats basically all i wanted was a dominant defensive front court and a bunch of guys i like on the perimeter to play around with. good small ball lineup potential, too, with smoove at C, kawhi/battier at PF, etc. i like having a versatile lineup so i can always matchup well with my opponent.

    i was bringing mayo off the bench but kawhi and iggy are too similar to start next to each other, needed a more pure scoring type, and kawhi mah boi so he starts over iggy. obviously we're the far and away best defensive team but we're only like 14th on offense. still, its not hard to score with pretty much everyone being able to shoot and drive well. they just arent dominant scorers, any of them. i try to share the wealth as much as possible but jrue almost always gets player of the game because he racks up assists and scores efficiently. he's leading mvp atm. for some reason josh smith is in mvp voting even though i underuse him offensively quite a bit.


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