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Seviya kheer / Vermicelli kheer with Milk / Seviyan kheer - it is a simple dessert to make. I make it always in a microwave as its so easy. Really healthy recipe for kids and they like it as well.

I have used thin seviya however it can be also made with bigger vermicelli readily available in all the supermarkets.

1 cup Seviya (Vermicelli) broken into 1 inch or so pieces, roasted in 1 tbsp ghee
Dry Fruits (8-10 chopped almonds, 8-10 pistachios, 20-25 green raisins) or alternatively use Everest Milk Masala mix which has nice flavor as well as dryfruits. Use can also use both.

5 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp. Cardamom powder freshly ground

A pinch of salt for taste

Method: Easy with microwave

Healthy no ghee microwave kheer : Thattikkuttu payassam
healthy low fat microwave rice kheer payassam ... Stir well. Pop it back in the
microwave and cook for a total of 8 minutes, stirring after every 2 minutes.

In a big microwave glass bowl, add the milk, sugar, dryfruits and cardamom powder and heat for 8-10 min till the milk is boiling hot. Now add vermicelli and heat again for 4-5 min. Once cooked, remove from the microwave and cool it down. Now add pinch of salt and more milk as required to loosen up the kheer. Refrigerate it before serving cool topped with more dryfruits.

The same recipe can be also done in thick bottom sauce pan on a gas flame on medium heat taking care that the milk doesnt stick to the bottom stirring continuously.


Shahi kheer a microwave recipe from
Kheer is a very traditional Indian dessert. Shahi means royal. As this ...
Microwave cooking ..... Dining with overweight people may make you eat
unhealthy foods.

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