Delete/Remove of IDocs from R3

Delete/Remove of IDocs from R3

Created change pointers related to message types like MATMAS and LOIBOM by keeping specific conditions (running a background job). so server created lakhs of Idocs. Due to this sever is running very very slow. 

Is there any facility to delete/remove Idocs from SAP R/3. If yes what is is next step. Now what should I do. 

Take a look at running report RBDCPCLR from SE38 in the backgorund. You will probably have to up a varient we run the report weekely and keep the last 6 weeks of data. You will be removing from table BDCPS take a look and it will all make sense.

Report RBDCPCLR selection screen is for deleting change pointers. My question is deleting IDocs which are created by Change Pointers. Please guide me to next step. What should I do...... 

Aplogises thought that we were talking change pointers .... 
From note 40088 

"There is no special deletion program for IDocs. 
Use the archiving programs. IDoc is a separate archiving class. The following programs are available: 

1. Archive RSEXARCA and RSEXARCB (as of Release 3.0C) 
2. Delete RSEXARCD 
3. Read archiveRSEXARCR 
4. Restore RSEXARCL 

no idoc generated for Cost Center delete - Toolbox for IT Groups
8 Mar 2004 ... Hi everybody, currently I'm working on SAP 4.6c where I have a new task of
sending idoc to another system whenever there is any add,delete ...

The Idoc archiving is checked against the status. The statuses which can be archived and those that cannot be archived are stored in the "Status maintenance" table. You can change the standard settings. Menu path: 
Area menu "WEDI", control, status maintenance. 
The archiving procedure is described in the documentation 'IDoc interface for EDI'."

I tried as like you said, first tried with RSEXARCA (Archived) then deleted from SAP R/3 RSEXARCD(Deleted from R/3) I tried this for few IDocs and it worked fine. 

but after tried for more no of IDocs(20000). then given like 'last create archive file without data objects was deleted' for report RSEXARCA.   and not showed any thing for report RSEXARCD. 

I am not that familiar with the transaction but it may be possible to break down the IDOCS in to batches of 5000 and run these in the background ??

Have you checked the customizing for object 'IDOC' - I mean not only in transaction SARA but also the application-related customizing. There might be a parameter, defining the minimun-duration time of idocs ... unfortunately I don't remember the transaction ...

Archiving IDOCs for WM system

I use program RSEXARCA to archive the IDOCs that do not required posting. I wanted to permanently delete those from system; but donÂ’t see the archive file in SARA. 

In the 46C there is object IDOC. 

How to trigger SHPMNT IDOC when a shipment is deleted? - SAP ...
Create one new output type for Deletion IDOC and make that as ... It means, you
can delete the shipment only after the Shipment Deletion IDOC ...

I regularly run program RSEXARCA in SE38. And archive IDOCs that do not require postings anymore. 

Documentation of this program in SE38 does not talk about archiving & deleting, I'd believe that it is creating an archive file that I should be able to permanently delete from the system. In transaction SARA for object IDOC, I do not see any files for me to delete. 

I also regulary delete IDOC, but I use RSEXARCB in the background job. 

Since you mentioned 'delete' I assume that both programs RSEXARCA and RSEXARCB Archive & Delete at the same time. 

Please use Object Idoc from SARA. If you use this it will write file using program RSEXARCA and delets using RSEXARCD. 

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