Damson gin

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1. Tip the fruit into a clean, sterilized jar with a wide neck - you’ll have trouble stuffing them into a very narrow-necked bottle. Pour in the sugar and top up with the gin.

2. Seal and shake to encourage the sugar to start dissolving, then turn gently every few days for between 8 and 12 weeks before drinking.

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  • 450 g wild damsons, pricked 2-3 times with a clean needle
  • 225 g sugar
  • 700 ml gin

Tips and suggestions

You don’t need to wait for a frost as you do with sloes, because damsons don’t have such tough skins.

If you are going to keep the damson gin for more than 3 months, strain off the damsons. Don’t discard the used damsons: remove the stones, chop, and stew them with sugar for use in sweet pies, spoon over ice cream or add them to a fresh lot for an extra kick to jam or jelly. Most of the alcohol in the gin-soaked fruit will cook off, but some gin flavour will linger.

Try serving a small shot of damson gin with full-flavoured hard cheeses such as a tangy cheddar.


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