Building Gunite & Vinyl Liner Pools
in Charlotte, Fort Mill & Ballantyne area

We have been building in the Charlotte, North Carolina and South Carolina area for over 30 years. What we enjoy most about building residential pools is the satisfaction we share with our clients in helping make their outdoor living dreams come true. We listen to all their design needs and then our expert designers bring their vision to life.

Edgewater Pools distinguished team of builders can professionally build the swimming pool and spa that you dream of. We are unique because we have our own building staff and own our equipment. Our licensed building staff takes pride in their work and treats each project as if were their own.



Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of pools, and for many good reasons. The biggest reason, however, is the fact that gunite pools are extremely flexible and can be shaped anyway you would like while still being very strong. Artistically, a gunite pool and spa are hard to beat.

Gunite is simply a dry mix of concrete and sand that is mixed together dry before being combined with water as it is sprayed to create the pool shell. This mixing occurs right at the end of the process, as in right before the mixture comes out of the applicators gun.

Check out our large photo gallery of gunite pools or contact us to get started on your dream gunite pool design today!

For more information on Gunite pools, click here to learn about Gunite Pool Start up, the Pool Building Process and overall Pool Info.

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Gunite Pools

Edgewater Pools has been building in ground vinyl pools for over 30 years. The benefits of vinyl pool construction are numerous. Our expertise and technological improvements allow us to design and build vinyl pools that compete with gunite pools, at a nice savings. Our skilled in-house crew can build you a vinyl pool that is easy to maintain and will give you years of relaxation and comfort. Let your imagination go wild and enjoy the smooth, comfortable vinyl inground pool of your dreams. Our photo gallery features many of our vinyl pools that have made our customers very happy. Contact us to learn more about vinyl pools and get started on the ultimate vinyl pool design today!

For more information on Vinyl pools, click here to learn about the Vinyl Pool Building Process and overall Pool Info.

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