Can i use my turtleb

2013-11-13 14:00

jigglyjames29 said:
gamer4years said:
jigglyjames29 said:
So ANY USB headset would work?
Even ones meant for PCs?

Can anyone recommend a surround sound USB headset that'll work on the PS4 that's under $150?Most USB sets should work after the update. Not sure about those meant for PC's.

SignatureAnyone have a list of USB headsets?

A lot of the time product descriptions don't clarify what type of connection is used.

There is no list I have found, but agreed it is not always clear. For Turtle Beach, you can browse their compatability chart for help in terms of which work out of the box. But what they do not tell you on that site is that many of the PS3 sets will work after the update. If you want Turtle Beach, look at the PS3 sets and check each individual link to the set you like. It will say "compatible after firmware update" or something to that effect. Secondly, you can look at their instruction manuals to see how they connect. I have the PX3's and that is what I did. My set will be compatible after the update...

I have heard/seen some Tritton headset names tossed around, but I am not as familiar with their products.

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