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3D LUT device for use with PCs? Quote: Originally Posted by ams2990 So I interpret this as saying CalMAN does not currently support writing LUTs into either of the above mentioned monitors.

3D LUT device for use with PCs?

What about the Davio? How to make a DCP. There are many people out there who work in cinemas or film making that would like to get there film or footage on the big screen, with cinemas going digital this has massively reduced the cost of this but the problem is the over complicated way of how the content is encoded.

How to make a DCP

You can get software to do this and a few do a direct output from Final Cut pro but you are looking at thousands of pounds for this, you can also send it to one of the many companies who do this but again this is going to cost you money. There have been a few working on a open source version of this, up until very recently it was a very heavy code based way of getting it done but they have just released a GUI version and its now become much more easier to get your content to DCP and then on to a server. Tips on DCP resolutions and some other things. Edit 3: This post is a bit technical.

How to make a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) on your own computer
21 Jun 2012 ... A DCP is usually made up of large MXF (Material Exchange Format) and XML
files. I'm not going to get any deeper on the technical expression ...

Tips on DCP resolutions and some other things

Basically what I am saying is that you will loose pixels in both constant height and constant width cinemas if you don’t use either a Flat 1998×1080 or a Scope 2048×858 resolution when making a DCP. In some cinemas 1920×1080 can’t be masked on the sides and you will loose some perceived contrast but you will not loose any pixels. Tips on DCP resolutions and some other things. Creating A Feature Film DCP Using OpenDCP. Hover over links like this for technical explanations In December 2011 I wrote about using a MacBook Pro as a playout source for the cast and crew screening of the feature film McLean’s Money.

At that time it was the most practical and affordable way for us to get decent picture and sound quality in a modern cinema.

Digital Cinema Package - Part 3: Creating Your DCP in OpenDCP ...
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