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One’s wedding is an important chapter of life and wedding dress has its own value.  Every bride is very particular about her wedding dress.  Even so, that in some weddings, dresses is the priciest component.  Nowadays there is a trend of wearing designer dresses and without wearing the designer dresses brides cannot think of saying “han qabool hae.”  Especially those dresses that are made from expensive fabric with crystals and other adornments- they can take away any girl’s heart.  However, some brides think otherwise.  Have you ever thought of wearing a dress that is merely made of a toilet paper, chocolates, roses, bread tags or from eggs? No?  Think Again.

The Rose Bride

Most women would be delighted with a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day.  However, one man in China requested 9,999 red roses before proposing his girlfriend Yin Mi.  In addition, realizing his partner’s penchant for fashion, Xiao Fan had the flowers carefully stitched together to form a broad, floral bridal gown.  The dressmaker worked day and night to prepare this delicate outfit.  This dress was worn on the valentine day and Yin Mi topped the design with an ivory-white fur shrug and clutched vibrant yellow orchids (the orchid is known to symbolize magnificence, sophistication, lushness, virtue, and ripeness).

The Cream Puff Bride 

I’ve heard of dresses that look like pastries (and if you’ve heard Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now”, you’ll know what I’m talking about) but a whole dress made from cream puffs? Now that’s weird. 28-year-old Valentyn Shtefano is a rising star in baking as visual art and his creations are too pretty to eat.  He made a wedding dress for her fiancé Viktoriya.  This dress is made from 1500 cream puff and weighing 20-pounds.This dress was the biggest challenge of his life.  He first sewed the empty cream puffs together but the dress collapsed.  Afterwards he cautiously attached the puffs to the wedding dress frame.


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His fiancé Viktoriya used to spend couple of  hours each night helping him before the wedding ceremony .
I wonder how this bride would sit during her wedding ceremony, if it were our traditional, desi style wedding.  The poor bride must have been standing throughout the ceremony.  Her crown, bouquet and necklace were not made  from precious stones, pearls or from the delicate flowers but from caramelized sugar.

Even if she had dared to sit for a second her dress would have collapsed and at the same time, there would have been a flood of yolks originating from her dress.  Well we must say that Mr. Valentyn was quite creative and this idea was perfect for the promotion of his pastry business, but perhaps it was not that perfect an idea for a wedding dress.
Toilet paper bride

This bride wore a really price-less dress.  It seems like Ann Kagawa designed this dress only for the budget conscious brides.  This dress is made exclusively from, tape, toilet paper and glue.  Ann Kagawa Lee took inspiration from the Japanese origami and the film “Gone with the Wind.”  The dress designer was so encouraged from the film, that she actually made a dress that would easily go with a blow of wind.  Designers are so fascinated with this idea that every year, a competition is held by where designers from all around the world take part and make gowns,  gowns made out of nothing more than tape, toilet paper, glue and a needle and thread.

This dress is for the brides who would like to be the center of attention of not only their wedding ceremony but also of the world.  The local dress designer, Andree Salon fashion house designed nearly 2-mile long wedding gown.  Emma Dumitrescu-a model, posed to show this wedding dress during a Guinness world record and to show off the gown she took a ride on the hot air balloon with the dress’s 1.85-mile long train flowing under her spectacularly.  This dress was prepared in 100 days and the cost of the material alone was approximately $8,000.

Appetizing bride

We all love chocolates.  Chocolate is not only an effective anti-depressant but it is used in almost every dessert. 681-b However, for some, a chocolate wedding dress is too saccharine to eat.

If I were to wear a wedding dress made of chocolates, I would definitely eat all the chocolates on it.  The wedding dress under discussion reminds me of the film “Charlie and the chocolate factory.”

Rococo and Ian Stuart Chocolates designed this scrumptious chocolate dress.  This dress was made of pure white chocolate, molten and twisted into delicate flowers, which not only enhanced the gorgeousness of this dress but also gave it a fashionable look.

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Bread tag bride

Stephanie Watson, who married Will Wapling, wore a wedding dress weighing 7 kg that was made of thousands of “best before” bread tags.  Ms. Watson started collecting bread tags for 10 years; she had enough tags for a wedding dress.  Ms. Watson is also a fashion designer and she said that making the wedding dress from the tags was not as tricky as she expected it to be but designing it took many hours.  It ended costing only 36$, but for this couple this wedding dress is priceless.

Peacock bride

peacock_dress_12If you are an Asian or even if you aren’t an Asian bride, this dress is the “dream dress.”  No doubt, peacock is a glorious bird.  It is a creature of inspiration for most of us.  Here comes a dress made up from the peacock feathers, in addition it is the most expensive dress worth  $1.5 million .This dress was exposed at the wedding expo that was held in Nanjing.  This wedding dress was decorated with the 2,009 piece of peacock feathers and eight handicraftsmen worked on this dress and this dress was completed after 2 months.  It must be admitted that peacock pattern or feathers sure add a classic stroke to one’s persona no matter how they are worn; on a hat, outfit, in charms or even a clutch.

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