Bread Improver

I guess this means anything other than flour and water is a bread improver. If the flour type can be an improvement and the kind of water one uses improves the bread, then it goes to say, that anything in the dough is a bread improver. So what will we do today to improve our bread? Guess I'll go drink a cup of coffee and wake up. "Please pass the coffee improver, thank you."
:) Mini Oven

Later after the coffee:
"I feel improved!"
I cut open todays loaf. I smuggled a half teaspoon of the way above mentioned improver into it and so far so good. Unfortunately threw in so many caraway seeds that I can't really judge the flavor other than enjoy the caraway flavor.

It is a satisfactory loaf. I had first laid it in my casserol to rise but discovered that it rose without ever touching the sides, so it held it's shape. (There is also an egg in there.) So I carefully tipped it out and placed it on parchment paper and preheated my mini oven with baking sheet upside down on lowest shelf setting. I sprayed the loaf lightly with water before I scored it, that helped. Poured boiling water over shelf and parked my loaf for 30 min. I burnt it. 220째 is too hot. Forgot to turn the temp down, live and learn. Grated it and it's just fine, also got a good oven rise.

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Now I am curious how this loaf holds up in a few days. Normally the loaves get very dry, even in plastic, there are actually dust marks when I cut! If this loaf is really improved, then I have solved most of my problems. So I'm not throwing the improver away just yet. Look for an update in a few days..... :) Mini Oven

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