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To start off im new to rb motors. ok I have sreached and havent got the answer i want. I have a rb20det swap in my s13. I had a ricirc stock bov on it and it never gave the "flutter" "compressor surge". I bought a legit hks ssqv black edition installed it after getting the flange welded on, it started giving me that Noise I explained. The werid thing is that when i hook both of them up (just to see what happens) I "T" the bov's it doesnt make the noise. I uploaded pics so u can see if where it was installed is causing that "flutter". thanks in advance

this where the noise is coming from
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you need to block off the stock BPV, a thin piece of sheet steel with holes drilled in it works well.
be sure to put some gasket maker on it to seal it off.

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Shift_BOOM. Damnit.

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Ok i will try that. thank you. By any chance if it continues, what else should i look for?

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Car: 1992 nissan 240sx rb20 swap

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