Blackcurrant Squash

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Blackcurrant Squash UK Made E-liquid (VG)

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Very sweet, with a distinct Blackcurrant Squash flavour. Searching for a strong blackcurrant flavour, reminiscent of summer cordials? This one's for you!

We recommend this flavour for those vapers wanting a strong tasting e-liquid with a lasting flavour on the palate. The smell of this vapour can linger longer than others, but when it smells this delicious we love it! Tastes just like Ribena.

70% VG, 30% PG.

UK Made in labs near London, and available in 10ml and 30ml bottles.

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comes from palm and/or coconut oil. It's used in the manufacture ...

Available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg strengths.

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Note: VG is naturally sweeter than PG, and recommend for those with an allergy to PG. For more information on allergies and PG versus VG e-liquid, visit our E-liquid Help section.

All our e-liquids are batch tested in UK Labs to ensure quality, consistency and exact contents to JAC's exacting standards. Check out our Product Safety Information page for more information on JAC Safety procedures.

We currently have a limited number of bottles of our UK e-liquid which reach their stated use-by date at the end of November 2014. E-liquid has an extremely long shelf life, however, and will be suitable for use for several more months. We are making these bottles available at a substantial discount - please make sure that you have read this and are comfortable before committing to a purchase.

FREE DELIVERY on all UK orders over ÂŁ50

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PG vs. VG-based E-Liquid Mixtures - Perfecting Throat Hit ...
EverSmoke e-liquids are generally made of just four ingredients: water, nicotine,
flavoring, and a VG (vegetable glycerin)/PG (propylene glycol) mixture.

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Customer Reviews

  • VG more flavoursome than PG... - by Nick_aka_, 2 September 2014 5 Was looking for a ribena-alike juice so bought the VG & PG at full strength for trying in genesis (top wicking) tanks; for my tastes, this is the superior of the 2, but dripping at lower nic would most likely give a totally different experience. This is perfect for my kracken built with cotton in either single or dual coil mode (but the dual can be a bit full-on). Of all the fruit juice flavours I've tried, this is the most 'authentic' and I can wholeheartedly recommend... will be coming back for more soon!
  • Very nice blackcurrant flavour - by HarrySon, 16 February 2014 4 Decided to give this flavour a test run out of curiosity more than anything. Not my favourite out of the UK made liquids but still very nice and could vape this all day if it came to it. I would recommend this for anyone who likes a blackcurrant flavour or to try something fruity as opposed to the tobacco flavours.
  • Finally found it - by Paul, 9 December 2013 5 Eventually found my perfect vape, this is the one that will break my smoking habit. Spot on!!!
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